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Thursday, October 6, 2016

What I like to do with My Evenings

In the evenings I enjoy spending time with my family. Having a close relationship with them is important to me. We enjoy playing games together. We like to play all kinds of games from computer games to board games and everything in between. Hula hoop contests are always on the table. Nicole Kidman shares my enthusiasm for spending time with her family and playing. Her girls enjoy dress up just like most little girls do and Nicole keeps a wide variety of costumes for them to enjoy. Whenever Nicole Kidman comes over, I bring out a new costume. I know she enjoys the fun of seeing me in some crazy outfit and hearing her laugh is one nicest sounds. When Nicole wants to play games it is often something simple. My family is the same way. They like Bingo and a play toss game. They like those games mostly because my children like to win the prizes that are sometimes on offer.

If I don't have any food around that meets with their approval, my family likes getting takeout. David Spade, as you know, is another fan of takeout food. Angelina Jolie enjoys the same kinds of takeout food I do. Both Angelina Jolie and David Spade have an easy way of getting whatever they want. Their staff is always up for a takeout run if we want a certain food that does not delivery. We have 2 grocery stores about 2 miles away with an excellent selection of organic foods and a sushi bar that prepares food every day in front of the customers. Both stores have a decent variety of wines and a State Liquor store that carries almost any cocktail or mixer you could imagine.

More important than who we eat with or what we eat is the sense of trust I have with my family that makes us all stronger, and happier people. Love builds a strong family and communication that is fun as well as uplifting makes all the difference in a person's outlook. I feel lucky to be as close as I am with people I feel are amazing. The things we accomplish independently renews each of us. The sense of family pride and unity is strong. Each one of my children has accomplished so much and they are unique in today's world. The amount of compassion and tenderness that flows between them is amazing. Sure they have their occasional power struggles that some might see as a fight, but it does not last long. I feel blessed to have an amazing group that I have watched change through the years. Good things are always found inside a home where the family gives to each other with love inside instead of out of duty. My kids seem to understand that well because they share so freely with everyone both inside and outside of the family. Their generosity is one of the qualities that I am most proud of seeing in each of them. My son Adam, gives when he has very little and my daughter Sabrina is the same way. They earn and save money in order share the things they get with their family and friends. Generosity of heart flows in all 3 of my kids. If I had to say what was the nicest gift each of one my children had given me I'd say- Adam Cheryl's cookies and adorable ballerina bear that cost him almost his entire paycheck to buy for me. Olivia's gift of Whispa bars that she got during a layover in England. She only had 30 minutes but she did the mad dash to get me my favorite English candy bar fresh from the airport. It took her a lot of effort to get them and Oliva was proud that she somehow got it done before the plane boarded. Sabrina's gifts of wonderful homemade cupcakes or treats are always amazing. Each one of them shows generosity of spirit that means so much to us as a family. Even thought they all are getting older, I still think of them as my little gang and I thank God for them every day. I am lucky to have such a strong family that loves with all their hearts.

The fact that all of my children have an amazing sense of humor keeps the whole family laughing. My kids often surprise me with their quick wit. You know what they say," The family that plays together ,stays together."I like to think that is a good way to live life playing ,sharing loving and being together. The best way to live is living, loving and laughing as a family.


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