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Friday, October 7, 2016

Funny Times with Michael Buble

I met Michael Buble before he met his wife. We were set up by Harry Connick Jr. I will never forget how much fun we had when we spent time together. Michael's Canadian heritage matched well with my English heritage and background. Hugh Hefner also thought we would make an excellent pair. Hugh put a bug in my ear to go along with them and go out with Michael. Hugh has always had an excellent sense on how to be a good matchmaker. If Hugh set up his own official match making service there would be a lot of weddings instead Hugh just quietly works his magic and sets people up. Michael Buble was a hit in my book. The chemistry between us was perfect. I liked Michael Buble's smile. He knows how to work it. It helps that he is also a naturally happy go lucky person. Smiling for him is second nature.That's something we both have in common. I have had several people say I am like Champagne - fun and bubbly. Michael Buble makes me laugh with his carefree ways. He always has a joke to share. Michael can sing any song that pops into his head and make it sound amazing and he likes to make up songs. Hugh knows I like to do make up songs.The more outrageous the lyrics the more fun it is for me to create a new song. Michael and I like to collaborate on the wildest singalongs that anyone could imagine. The funny lyrics that each of us adds to the combined musical effort we create makes us both laugh while it encourages us to take the lyrics a step further. Long distance relationships were never my thing so we both let go of each other and moved forward. Micheal and I remain friends and we still like to tease each other.  I did a music video to one of his songs and he loves it as much as I loved making. My wardrobe choice always makes Michael Buble smile. In honor of our friendship, he knows I spared no expense in wardrobe. If you're curious,the video is on my youtube channel ZuliePerfect1.

Through the years I have watched Michael Buble change. It has been so much fun to watch as Michael became a husband and father. Michael and Luisana are so enthusiastic together that it makes me smile. He is still sexy and the fun he has with his wife makes him even sexier. I love that he found someone who brings out the best in him.

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