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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snoop Dogg's Cool Ways

I met Snoop Dogg through Wyclef Jean. Wyclef is everybody's friend. Wyclef Jean always has something nice to say and it is always from his heart. Snoop and I hung out a couple of times and the friendship we found in each other has lasted. Dancing with Snoop is still one of my favorite activities. Snoop can drop it, and move in a sexy way to any music you could play. Snoop Dogg is one of the most laid back, coolest guys anyone could meet. His persona is always relaxed. Snoop is great at transferring that relaxed state to everyone who he spends time with and even his audiences are impacted by the way he slows things down. Like Ice T, when Snoop walks in a room, the cool factor of that room goes way up. In a fast paced world, Snoop's pace is refreshing and liberating. Ice T has the same kind of soothing energy that effects people in a very good way. If we could bottle Snoop up and give him to people who handle diplomatic situations of negotiations, the world would be a lot more peaceful. Snoop is a friend of mine who I see as very special and I know many people would agree with me that Snoop is an amazing person.

Before Martha and Snoop Dogg starting working on their show together, I had had a little bit of fun with Martha's decorating ideas. She always has so many creative concepts and crafty art projects that are resourceful and beautiful. Martha promotes the idea that being the perfect homemaker is easy. I am a little more Morticia Addams than Martha Stewart. I am , as I say it, "naughty". I like doing funny things to make my family scratch their heads. One year, I somehow got on her newsletter list. I was very inspired by her creativity, but with a twist. I decided to wrap our Christmas presents in a "Martha Stewart" way. My family was warned that I was getting the newsletter and it impacted my Christmas concepts. I reused and converted items that I found around the house into decorations for the Christmas gifts under our tree. I used qtips, dental floss, flower garland that was missing some flowers, 7 feet of Christmas garland, and some other bits and bops that I found humorous and purposeless. Snoop heard the story and now he is having his own fun with the Martha Stewart with a naughty twist. Martha Stewart with a comedic concept is a concept I enjoy.

Snoop Dogg is always surprising me. The day his show, Martha and Snoop's Potluck. He said "Watch my show and you will get the references." I did watch the show and I did get the references. Snoops is such a cool guy. His winks were well done. First he gave a cross, an Egyptian Cross to Seth Rogan. It has a powerful meaning. I always where a cross. I have a strong interest in Egyptian culture. Snoops knows I believe that the soul is eternal. Life is eternal. If you have been following along with my blogs, you will recall I have written about the Dalai Lama. Just as I have a strong respect for the Dalai Lama and his knowledge of his past lives. I also share that belief that the Jesus sends us back again with is permission to live again. Most of the world's religions believe in reincarnation. If you believe that the Dalai Lama is real, and I do, then you have to believe his story that he has lived more than one lifetime. Snoop was acknowledging all the beliefs I hold and my love of wearing my Cross in the Egyptian Cross he gave to his guest.

The second reference, was his cartoon t-shirt. Snoop Dogg, as most others who know me and a lot of my readers know, I love cartoons. By wearing his funny cartoon, he was sending me another wink that I was in his thoughts. He always has his friends in his thoughts. Snoop Dogg is very loyal to his friends and family. Snoop's wife is another person who is always in his thoughts. Shante Broadus is his rock. Even though I have never met Shante, I know she has to be amazing because Snoop has excellent taste. If Snoop Dogg was not such a good family man, the other rappers would not follow him like they do. He is smooth and he is smart. The family is always a great source of strength.

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