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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Winter Vacation with David Spade

 David and I were back at the hotel with Adam and Jackie Sandler in my last blog. Here is more about the fabulous time we had together. David and I waiting in our room for Jackie and Adam to meet us down by the pool. We took the time to neek in a few kisses and a cuddle. David Spade is always the gentleman. He knows how to make a woman feel beautiful. It's in his smile not just in his words. 

david spade

We were starting to wonder if Jackie had gotten lost in the hotel with Adam. The Hotel did have a few great gift shops that I knew David and I would be exploring at some point in the vacation. We decided to go to the shops. We figuired Jackie and Adam might be there or we would just catch up with our friends after we were finished checking things out. David and I left our room and went downstairs. Low and behold, we ran into Adam and Jackie with their swimsuits on. They had planned to call us once they were at the pool. Adam explained they had decided to check out the shop on their way to the pool, but they had gotten a little caught up in all the fun items to explore. He proceeded to show us some of the neat things he had found. A model train set up had caught our eye. Spade was the first to venture over to check it out.

It was an antique design. It was the same style of train my Grandfather had running around his Christmas tree. As I looked at the train in the store, I was reminded that every Christmas with my Grandparents meant a model train set running under the Christmas tree. Flashbacks ran though my mind of their entire house(inside and out) decorated from top to bottom in celebration of Christmas. It took them literally hours and days to complete the festive arrangents. My Grandparents loved Christmas more than they could express in words. I smiled looking at the store train. Spadey  knew I was miles away at that moment in a very good way. David has a gift at reading people. I woke up to marvel at the other items within the hotel's gift shop. By now, the Sandlers had moved on and they told us they would be at the pool. 

Spade came up behind me, slipped his arms around me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before whispering he thought we should head over to the pool soon. I knew he was ready to have fun. I love it when David Spade comes up behind me to give me a quick kiss and whispers in my ear. He is a great cuddler. We both checked out and went hand in hand to meet up with the Sandlers. I saw David had bought some candy necklaces in his bag which brought a smile to my face. 

zulie perfect

When we got to the pool, David dove right in. I like to go into the pool slowly and work my way through the water. Jackie and Adam were down in the deep end. David and I stayed in the shallow end where it was simply relaxing. I was so happy to be in the water with such great company. 

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