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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Game Night With Tom Cruise

 I recall many fun evenings with Tom Cruise. He shares my interest in board games and in play in general. It is the carefree side of both of us that is drawn to play. I have read about the benefits of playing at all ages and truly beleive it is an important part of life. Whether you are playing role playing or other multi player games on the computer or on a board, the results are the same as well as the pleasure. I like board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, trivia games and drawing games. There are so many varities of games to play. I have one now called Unstoppable Unicorns and some Christmas themed games that I love. 

One night, Tom and I decided to invite some friends over to play games. We invited 3 or 4 couples who we knew would love to play. Quite often it is easy to get a game night going. The desire to play is universal and Hollywood Glam is not immune to the fun. Tom called the night"Tom's Rowdy Fun Night" with laughter in a tongue and cheek fashion. Tom has such a way of saying things that makes even the mundane words when delivered, with intention, become hilariuosly funny. "Tom's Rowdy Fun Night" was an example of his delivery of words. He is such a funny person that laughter comes easy. I like his innocence as his humor is very much the same as mine. Shared humor and timing is one of the many reasons we get along so well. That and we both have a hilarious sexy side which we play upon. Tom and I love to flirt with each other. 

I went upstairs to get ready while Tom took care of the arrangements and the invites. It was all very impromptu event, but I knew it would be a blast. David Spade is another good organizer of game nights. They both have a great knack of knowing how to combine people so teams are pretty well balanced. Back to the evening with Tom, before long I heard people arriving. There were a couple of new faces and a few of our usual invites. It was a warm summer evening. I thought maybe we would go for a swim after everyone left. 

Tom wanted to play Pictionary. Everyone agreed that game had the most to offer. Pictionary is a fun, animated game. There were four other couples with us which made the game really fun. Tom is a very good artist. His stick figuirees were very accurate. We kept quessing it every time. I would say he is a card shark of Pictionary. The funniest sketch that evneing was a hot air balloon. I have no idea why it was drawn the way it was, but it got a lot of laughter. It looked more like a fruit of some sort. I am pretty sure there was a hidden meaning in the image. We played 3 or 4 games of Pictionary that night. When we weren't sketching, he was glued to my side. Tom is famous for his affectionate and attentive ways and he never disappoints. Lots of kisses and cuddles are always on offer. He enjoys the aspect of my personality that loves to be just as affectionate as he does. 

The games went on until pretty late. I knew that if we were going to get a swim in that evening, it would have to be soon and it would be a quick one. As luck would have it two of the couples must have read my mind for they started to prepare their good byes. In another 45 minutes we were alone. After the guests left we both put on our swimsuits and dove into the warm pool. It was a perfect night. The pool was exquisite as was the moonlight and the company. Tom's eyes light up in the moonlight. It was great to be together. Becuase neither one of us was under any pressure to go or to be, it was simple things that we did together that kept it so sweet. It was a magical evening. 

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