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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Meeting John Travolta

 Meeting John Travalota was a surprise. I met him at a party that a few of his friends were hosting. I was not aware that he was coming to the party. I was there with a friend. The groups were mingling throughout the lower level of the house. John had a small cluster of people gathered around him. I walked into him by accident. He was very polite as he welcomed me into the conversation. John has the reputation of being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and one of the funniest. He is always a gentleman. The reason why I think certain members of Scientology wanted us to meet was so he could give me an understanding of Scientology from his perspective and how it changed his life.

John and I discussed many things that evening with the others who were with us. I recall we discussed our mutual appreciation of surfing and our ideas on teletransportation. From sporting to intellectual concepts, our minds floated to different thoughts and the result was one of the most interesting conversations I have ever had. Tom Cruise is another person who always challenges my mind. Brad Pitt always makes me wonder. Brad has a unique way of opening a person up to questioning their own thoughts and accepting new ideas. Each person I met in Hollywood has a unique style of conversation, but they are always pleasant, uplifting and generous with their time. If you're going to be an actor, you have to like, value and appreciate people. I would not say it is a prerequisite but it sure does make life easier. 

I enjoy John's diversity of knowledge. The way he can root through conversations on so many topics is similar  to the way Howard Stern does it. I know Howard and John have been friends for years, John has a lot of friends all over. Everyone who meets John calls him a friend. He is very likeable and geniune. Having been in Hollywood for a long time, John gets along with celebrities of all ages which puts him on the guest list of all ages. He had been chewing on a toothpick on and off throughout the evening. It reminded me of one his movie characters. I think he did it on purpose to see the reaction. John has a subtle sense of humor. You have to be paying attention or you will miss something. 

The couple hosting the party had arranged for several foods to be places around the lower level and out on the patio near the pool. The tables outside were set up in little groups. I loved the mixed drinks or spritzers they were serving. No one swam that evening. The pool was more for atomosphere. It was beautifully lit up. If I had brought my swimsuit, I might have started the swimming off. There is always one person who starts the swimming or the danicng off at each party. Once one does then others follow. 

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