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Monday, March 22, 2021

Winter Fun with David Spade

 David Spade and I decided to go skiing.  As David and I travelled down the slopes, we met Jackie near the bottom of the mountain. She asked me if I wanted to get an Irish coffee. I accepted the offer. 

david spade
Jackie and I sat down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. David and Adam walked into the lodge a little while after us. David knew what was coming when he saw the irish coffees infront. He knew we were going to be sitting for awhile. The afternoon on the slopes had been so much fun. David gave me a quick kiss and
sat down next to me. Adam did the same. A quick kiss to Jackie and then sat down by her side. They are both such romantic guys. The fireplace in the lodge was stunning as well as warm. 

Lunch came soon after. Jackie often eats light salads. She enjoys fish just like me. The guys, on the other hand, seem to like a mixture of foods. Sometimes David eats healthy and other times not so much. The four of us began chatting about how lovely the day was and how ideal the slope conditions were at the time. The snow was powder dry snow the type that mountains are famous for having. We had tried some of the advanced areas, but often came back to the easier for the pleasure of skiing is not in the instensity but in the smooth ride. I do like a little challenge here and there so that's why we did the adanced areas briefly but soon went back to the easier ones. David likes to play around and I am the same so the easier slopes also allow for goofying off a bit while minding those around you. Jackie can go either way.

adam sandler

She is a very good skiier and likes to explore new areas. Her husband,Adam, follows wherever Jackie leads them. He is a very good partner. Jackie is always smiling.
zulie perfect

We decided to head down to the bar since it was early. Very few people hangout in the bar in the late afternoon. They were playing 80's and 90's music. Pretty soon we were dancing on the dance floor of the empty bar. The music was great. Adam and David sang along with the music. The pair really sang out to a Bon Jovi song. They have a funny way of singing together that goes along with years of friendship. If you can get David Spade and Adam Sandler to sing a duet then you know you are going to have a great evening. That night, there was even an air guitar solo. I'll let you guess who it was that played the solo. We stayed at the bar for awhile. Dancing and having fun with the whole place to ourselves.

As the evening grew on, we started to notice more and more of the guests entering the club. I say club now as the bar had totally lost the bar feeling. It was now more a dance club. We were the main attraction. Adam got the idea that we could have more fun up in one of our suites. By now all the activity of the day had started to accumulate. We were all starting to slow down. on our way up, we passed the lodge's pool. It looked fantastic and the sceond wind kicked in. 

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