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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Angelina Jolie Secret Action Thiller Movie

The film is based upon a heroine and her escort played by me. In the movie, the female lead played by Angie gets betrayed while working as an assassin. The betrayal is different than the ones seen in her films Salt or Mr and Mrs Smith. This stab in the back is more high tech . For example, there is DNA coding, hidden computer chips, a form of brainwashing or hypothesis that only takes effect in certain situations and more. She has to join the bad guys in order to escape from being killed. While a member of that evil group she has to keep her cover as she tries to figure out who in the agency betrayed her. It is a sellout with many twists and turns. Angelina's character has to be very smooth in order to hide her true intentions while being the main squeeze of the of a very nasty bad guy. It is like sleeping with one eye open at all times. One of the film's opening stunts includes freefalling from a building on to a tent set up for them to catch their fall while they escaped the good guys. The alleged agency had somebody working for a third bad guy organization.
In jest, Angelina Jolie and I have discussed a comedic version of the same plot line using based upon an extremely competitive shoe sale and battles over a certain pairs of shoes with high tech gadgets. The competing divas would one up each other even though they were best friends to the point of risking life and limb to gain the hot pair of shoes. As a result of the shoe game, other moms became involved in the exchange between our two characters over the shoes. The other mom's group of characters becomes the third agency just like in the thriller. The three competing agencies with multiple stabs in the back themes transformed from the original plot from action to farce. Sometimes Angie will throw out a twist in the shoe plot and our two minds will build upon it. It is an ever evolving running joke as the entire premise is over shoe collections.

Shoes from my shoe closet

Women and shoes can sometimes make people go crazy or so the shoe jokes convey. While on the topic of shoes and feet, there is a funny joke that I tease Nicole Kidman about. I have jokingly said that she had steel tipped toenails that grow at three times the normal rate and Angie's grow the same way. "Rapunzel let down your toenails".  With one clip, pedicures involving Nicole's toes became a danger zone. A clip would send weapon like toenail boomerangs flying throughout the room. The woman who does Nicole's toes has to shave her toes first, but its all a funny wild joke since we all know how beautiful, well groomed and amazing she is- right down to her toenails. Hollywood women are always well groomed with idea manis and pedis being the norm. The concept of boomerang toenails might come from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
These are Nicole Kidman's real pretty non hairy toes.#nicolekidmansperfecttoes

Angelina Jolie is a very happy person by nature and a little shy to start in a one on one situation. Once she warms up her open heart leads the way. One of the funniest things I have seen her do is her beaver impression. In fact, almost every one of the many impressions Angie can do is roll on the floor laughing kind of impression. She loves to play with chopsticks. Jam sessions often break out around the dinner table in Angelina Jolie's home. I don't think she would have it any other way. Both Nicole and Angie tease me about my wild hair. I can make the best upside down while standing upright hair without a drop of hairspray. I might have mentioned how my daughter shaped it into a unicorn horn that stood straight up.

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Me trying to decide which shoes to wear. #blondedilemas #shoesituation