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Monday, January 14, 2019

Wet and Wild Swimming with Tosh

Daniel Tosh is one of the funniest guys on land get in him in the water and "Wet and Wild"has a whole new meaning. He is never rude nor indecent unlike the persona on his show where he deliberately tries to reveal as much of his anatomy as possible and in as many wild ways as he can. It is part of his charm and appeal to the audience Tosh has. He wore a neon green speedo swimsuit. I think he picked his swimsuit out because he knows I call speedo style swimsuits "peenie pushers" #completelyinappropriatebathingssuits That name made him crack up the first time I used it. #justforlaughs He is such a handsome guy that he can pull off almost anything and make it look good. I like his wholesome ways. When you get him one on one he is not boisterous, but actually very soft spoken with a carefree loving outlook. He enjoys holding hands. We had other unique words for things not just "peenie pushers" such as the term  "sea monkeys" used in references. Sea Monkeys are a people who love to swim and swim really well. There were a few other things that went on that made the day wild. Mostly of the wildness was the humor we shared. Tosh likes to sing at random moments just as I do. He sang out several summer songs to make me smile. I joined in with him on in duets on a few of them as the Karaoke moments broke out throughout the day. Tosh reminds me so much of Don Diablo. Every time Tosh sings now I think of Don and listening to Don Diablo makes me think of Tosh. On a side note, a male friend I have told me that Don Diablo likes to kiss a woman's hand. It was said to him that a kiss on the hand is a sign of respect and adoration.

From Daniel's wonderful bubble face to his famous porpoise impression, swimming with Tosh is always fun. Spending time in the water with him is always fun. The porpoise impression he does involves making his body streamline as while flying forward through the water. Surfacing to let out a porpoise call that is really good and very unique. In the distance, I could have sworn I heard a lion respond to him. Daniel has always told me he likes a good waterfall. He never explained to me why. Here I am in the middle of a waterfall.

The pool was at a nice hotel in the US. Florida will be everyone's first guess, but it was not a pool in Florida and it was not winter. I like a little mystery so keeping you guessing with a few clues is fun. Daniel was not famous at the time, but I always knew he would be. He had so much to offer and the spark that makes a person really funny was in almost everything he did. I might be slightly aggerating
but why not he is not known for his subtly and that it was makes Tosh so much fun to watch and spend time with. Tosh bring whisky with him in a little flask. He calls it his,"trashy juice". There is a story behind it but I will save it for another time. It might be related to the fact we both think whisky
gets people trashed really fast. I have never seen anyone as good at snorkeling as Daniel is.

He can go underwater for a long time with the mask and stay under. It is impressive to me as he seems to melt into the environment and he always comes to the surface of the water with a big smile. During a conversation, Tosh mentioned he had always been a strong swimmer and that might be how he got his impressive lung compacity. We both have the ability to talk to about almost anything to each other. He is a very good listener and equally good conversationalist.

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