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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Nicole Kidman's Beach House

A few years back Nicole had offered to let me stay with her at a beach house in Southern California. He had rented the place and asked to come and join her. Who could resist an invite  from one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Nicole has a way of making every adventure fun. She so much personality and fun loving totally fits her. We both have the same kind of enthusiasm. Most people refer to it as the bubbles in champagne. It is hard to ignore how enthusiastic people make the day seem bright. The giggling and the hooting like cheerleaders cheering on our favorite teams. Those teams are not just occasional sports teams but they are the families, friends and animals we have. In short the teams are the people we find around us. Even if they are only in our lives for a short period of time accidental enthusiasm comes in the form of praises we both give to those people we connect with on a short term basis. Seeing the world as good and full of potential is the best way to live. When you see it as full of potential, it is common to express gratitude towards others for their contribution to this world may be more than what it seem. In other words, see everybody as special.

On the first day Nicole Kidman and I were together, we spent the say on the beach. The beach was her backyard. It was nice to be able to come and go back and forth to and from the house as we wanted. Of course, she made some yummy margaritas. We both had a thirst for those fun drinks. Margaritas are a wonderful part of summer. In the frig was some cut up fruit and some cheese in storage container. Those snacks hit the spot. I know she eats a lot of fruits and veggies but cheese is her weakness. I must say a good cheese is very pleasurable. Brie is a favorite of my children. I was into cupcakes and Nicole knew that, but she always pay attention to her guests and what they say. Nicole is a great listener as well as a great storyteller. There were some cupcakes in the frig. The house was immaculate. The house's post modern art gave it a flashy but relaxed style and the view from the balcony was amazing. I am not sure who the home's owner was, but whoever it was they had great taste in composition and design. I loved the feeling inside. Nicole knows almost every state, where to stay and who to contact to find a perfect location. The West Coast does not have the warm water that Hawaii does on a year round basis. I love both locations for their own uniqueness.

Nicole Kidman likes to play with funny straws. She will often buy some wild looking straws. Loop to loop and character straws in all shapes, sizes and colors even ones that glow in the dark. Funny, funky straws are a specialty of any of Nicole's drinks. She does not get enough credit for her wild straw collecting like the Golden Globe straw that blew me over. I am not sure how or where Nicole found them but they are shaped like Golden Globes. The drink goes around the globe to the top. You really have to suck hard on the straws, but no one ever complains. It's fun watching the drink approach.  She is without a doubt a #strawmaster
The always playful Nicole Kidman. We both love to whip out 
something from left field to surprise people.It's part of the fun. 

When went swimming daily. Throughout the day, we would take plunges into the water. It was so much fun. Nicole looked stunning in her red bikini with a black hat and red scarf. I wore a baby blue one with polka dots. The water was cool but refreshing.  Disco dancing until the wee hours of the morning with and without an audience or group is always on the agenda. Nicole and I have spent years dancing and in formal training. Our toe shoes date back to before we were teenagers.

Nicole is a very good storyteller. Through listening to her, I have been to many places that she has been and seen them through her eyes. Society has had storytellers throughout the ages and its a part of culture going back to Ancient Greeks and beyond. Part of what makes people happy about being with her, is how freely she shares the most unique stories. Hearing her happiness as she recounts them is contagious. After all these are psychologically documented human traits to experience joy by sharing your good adventures and the same joy in hearing the good experiences of others. Nicole shares those memories knowing in doing that she is making others happy. Studies on the positive influence that recounting your memories with others of special times or places you have been can be found online by using search engines. I experienced this training in some of my classes over the years. It is a positive way to spread love that costs nothing. I see her as a visionary in the positive psychology movement. The reason I say it, is the openness and joy she expresses leaves others inspired to do the same. Talking to people wherever she goes makes the world she has travelled a happier one. More for another blog and another time.
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