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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Memory Slips with Prince Harry and Michelle Obama

A memorable lunch with Prince Harry occurred when I called him by the wrong name. We both laughed at the mistake. Of all things to do to call one of the worlds most famous, loveable and popular princes by the wrong name. My mind was wandering before he came in the room and I was kind of daydreaming about the beautiful day. I was caught up in with my thoughts on the sunshine. I drew a blank when he came into view. The next thing I knew I called him Tom which was weird. I said,"Hi Tom" to him. I wasn't thinking about a Tom or anything related. The name simply rolled off my tongue. Prince Harry started cracking up. He replied by saying "You don't remember my name." I said,"I know, Prince Harry. I just had a mind blank and it might be one of the world's greatest mind blanks since not many people in the world could mistake your name."

Oddly enough, a similar thing happened when Michelle Obama wanted to get my phone number. I completely drew a blank. I forgot my own phone number. I knew the ask was a joke for several of her close friends and associates had it. The odds were she had it written down somewhere or at least had a source for it. To have me write my phone number down for her was funny. Michelle Obama made the request through a mutual friend but I knew it was her humor for the writing was on the wall. That was the second mind blank I have had that drew laughter. Have you ever gotten so caught up in the pleasure of the moment that you forget things?  I believe that those moments are often referred to as being in the flow. The flow is when you are so fulfilled spiritually and psychologically in what you are doing that you forget things. I have moments like that when I enjoy myself enough that time seems to stop while it is still moving so fast. When I turn around to look at the clock what seems like only a few moments was actually several hours. Creating art, dancing and acting are activities that leave me in the flow. There are times when I am with my family and they completely amaze me. I feel those times are pure bliss while time evaporates.
The handsome and very kindhearted Prince Harry.
A couple of years back, I recall the Duke of Sussex repeating to me with smile, "An American leg of the Royal family." He kept repeating it as if I would figure it out at some point. Prince Harry has an unusual style and is always full of surprises so I could not get what he was saying. I knew it was important because of the frequency of which he repeated himself. One thought I had was the way that certain celebrities were being given titles of honor such as Dame or other titles. For awhile, I entertained that reference but he did not say I was on to something. In fact, no other clues were given. I knew he wanted to settle down after the birth of his first nephew. The connection to the phrase eluded me and it did not start right after the birth. I did not get what he was saying until a few days after the wedding. He must have had his eye on Meghan for awhile, but he did not want everyone to know until it was the right time.

Back to the afternoon lunch we shared. After laughing a bit, the conversation recovered. Prince Harry teased me about my liking to stay up until very late at night each night. I am a notorious night owl going back to before my college days. Since he is such a caring guy, he was trying nicely to get me to break bad habits. He is a good friend to all he meets and he speaks to a lot of people all over the world. Always with a gracious smile and wonderful free spirited humor that even the Queen lets him get away with certain innocent fun, but that is a secret for them to share.

Here is an image  from my latest photoshoot about a week ago. I was working on some Yoga and Boxing equipment for an exercise piece.
Boxing beauty. I simply love my pink gloves.They are a starter glove but they are so pretty 

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