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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Spending Time with Angelina Jolie

I had so much fun playing laser tag with Angelina Jolie. She is great at the sport. Getting all decked out in war paint before the game is what makes a true laser tag player a real laser tag competitor. Running around like some of her movies and even faking a "laser tag death" cranks me up. She goes "Lara Croft" as Angie disappears before the game starts. The accent sometimes makes an appearance depending upon the day.  Her favorite joke is to say "Peek a Boo" right before she nails you with the tag. I can't help cracking up every time.

One of our family pets & one of Angie's favorite 1st grade puppy photos
She gets so excited playing with puppies. I have never seen a person who get as caught up in our furry friends. Most people are drawn to cute puppies, but not in the same way. You can always tell when she sees a puppy since she lets out a squeal. Her puppy squeal is so unlike her reserved sexy persona but it is so endearing. Angelina Jolie will make puppy dog faces while talking to the animal and both get even more excited in the process. Occasionally, in all the energy I have seen a puppy loose control over its bladder while Angie was playing with them, but you win some and you loose some. Its all a part of the fun.

Angelina Jolie is a very spiritual person just as her persona conveys but she also has a light hearted side that makes her very balanced. One discussion we had involved our feelings on spiritual people or individuals who are enlightened to enough to comprehend advanced concepts. Angie and I both agreed spiritual people are a part of the heart of this world. Random acts are not really random but they are seen as spiritual moments when God comes through. People who are able to understand those moments are insightful of divine connection. Their confirmation that a random act was really divine communication gives the world hope. For some people mysterious events joyous God Winks are a part of their every day life those are spiritual people. God always keep his eyes on us. He sends people to help us see his love. Those spiritual people can be family members, friends, spiritual leader or even strangers whom we meet only once. We are not always engaging in such deep conversations. When the feeling hits one of us to ponder the mysteries of life and to share our perceptions with each other, then all kinds of thinking can occur.

Our silly light hearted moments mix well with our insightful moments and that is part of the reason our friendship has continued over the years. It is good to have meaningful conversations because it opens up aspects of people that enables both spirits to gain in beauty. Humor is important, spirituality in my opinion is important. The two together bring out beauty that neither is complete without. Spiritual people are usually funny, funny people are usually spiritual. Angelina Jolie is an example of that combination of spiritual funniness- in other words a deep thinking funny woman.
My cat Winnie's photos, videos and his behavior makes Angie laugh since he has an unusual personality and his own fashion sense, Here he is wearing a paper towel wrapping. He hopped right into the bag as you can see it. Winnie will  wear almost any outfit and he loves them. His furry friend Tux plays in bath water by jumping in and splashing water all over. Tux even has his own kids bath toys to play with but if anyone leaves the toilet seat lid open-look out. Tux will splash the entire contents of water all over the bathroom and Winnie jumps in to play with the water. These types of stories from my life that makes Angelina and her kids laugh.

Dancing is a way that Angie likes to shake off the day. Dance is her favorite way to get in cardio exercise. Doing lots of squats is another part of her day to keep her legs toned. All styles and forms of dance are fun. In Angie's opinion, formal dance such as ballet is disciplined but it is freeing. She enjoys the style and is familiar with it having some schooling in ballet over the years . That schooling has helped her to appreciate all that goes into being a ballerina. African dance is Angie's favorite because she can simply move as her mind and the music takes her. I too appreciate the drums, but I am not as experienced in African dance as Angelina. Her commitment to explore freedom of movement as part of a lifestyle is something I respect in her.

We both love to practice yoga together and her kids joined in with us. Yoga has given both of us a quietness and ability to reflect on certain spiritual aspects of life. Angelina Jolie likes to practice Yoga in the morning before lunch. Upside down poses use to be favorites of the twins. Angie's favorite pose is the tree pose. We both find it easy to achieve and fun to stand in.

Sock puppets were a favorite play with younger kids for awhile. Zahara was especially fond of sock puppet play since its a form of acting and Shiloh use to like dinosaur puppets.

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