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Friday, August 24, 2018

Having Fun With Brad Pitt

The way Brad Pitt and I get along is special. We have known each other for a long time. Being able to predict each other's next move is an awareness that conveys complete acceptance of each other. Brad's sweetness has always contributed so much to my life and my humor shared together openly makes us both live a little freer. Brad does airplane arms for no reason, if you want to know where he got it from, look no further. I inspire him to joke in a certain way. Even if the other person does not know me directly, they can sometimes figure out that his out of place behavior or off the wall quote is sourced to me. "Jesus solves all problems" is a quote he got from me.

We inspire each other to add humor to life in many ways. His long time friend, and my indirect acquaintance, Leo Di Caprio knows when Brad is mimicking me in some way. Brad does a great rendition of my voice and my hair flip(I wasn't aware that I have a hair flip). Leo has his own accented voice that he thinks I might sound like if I was playing a Rockstar. When Leo breaks out the Rockstar me, Brad likes to play Leo's groupie and makes googly eyes him. Funny loving looks are exactly what I am famous for amongst certain people. When I look at people I am fond of, a unique warmth is conveyed in my eyes that makes people feel good. Think of Katie Holmes and you will see she does the same look really well. The imitation Brad and Leo do of me is all in good fun. I am happy they do it because I know they adore me. I have an impression of Brad that he enjoys. Like a lot of other actors, improv and funny impressions are a common place. Tom Cruise knows I do a great impression of the well known comedian Jim Gaffigan. Tom caught me in the act one time when talking to someone else. Jim's whining and his "to himself" voice that he does on stage is so much fun to use in everyday conversation.

Brad is known for his funny gags and where he gets that aspect of himself comes from his childhood and the loving examples he had growing up. His family shared lots of funny business just like mine does. Brad's Mom gave him lots of inspiration. She is one of the funniest people. According to Brad, if it was not for her he would be very mild mannered with less creativity and a lot less mischief in him.   Brad's Dad's jokes were similar to his Mom but she was always the one who started it. Brad says the love his parents gave was more than he could describe. Joyful  living is a part of their focus. He feels accepting unconditional love by giving and receiving it made him open to others in the way he is. Brad Pitt is good to so many people because he simply likes being good. His thoughtful behavior is one of the best parts of him. Without explaining why, he simply wants to help. Brad's philanthropy is one public example of his openness and willing to take a stand for others who are in need.  The loving side of Brad is a part of him that I rely on. He's the best is what I say to him and he knows I mean it. Knowing for so many years and being able to rely on him is why I say that to Brad.  Brad is a sensitive man who has a loving heart.

He knows that I love doughnuts and this is a recent interest of mine. #doughnutlovers #healthyeatinghabits  My food interests come from out of nowhere and they go on until I suddenly release them. Some of my readers might recall my cupcake interest of the past. My current doughnut kick has not been as intense as cupcakes were in their heyday. Cupcakes came and went because of supply issues. To be honest when you are having homemade gourmet cupcakes like my girls make, then store bought products just aren't the same. If I wasn't going to get the good stuff from my own kitchen, then I let my cupcake fad go. My kids will bake for hours on the most elaborate filings that make my mouth water every time. They became famous for their cupcakes right down to the marzipan sculptures on top. They don't do it every day now so I give cupcakes a miss.

Brad's sense of humor and concern for others blends into a wonderful combination of these two aspects of his personality .His sense of humor makes him able to help people through difficult times. When storms hit and difficult times occur, he is on the scene. Often he arrives quietly without the media knowing. a good man does not need attention to lend a helping hand.

The best way to help someone heal is to make them laugh. Brad has done some outrageous things in a humorous way because he knew how to reach the families he was working with at the time. He knew that what he did would bring life back into their days by giving them hope and a reason to laugh. Brad Pitt has a very "David Spade" like personality. When those two are together it is hard to decide who to watch. They both have an amazing ability to improvise and uncanny impersonations pop out of them both. I feel Brad is like David in other ways too. They both have experienced times in their lives where personal issues became the forefront and it was not easy for them to bare. Neither of them will ever complain but sometimes the publicity can be draining .They both go through it by using their sense of humor to heal over the rough bumps.

My intelligence was one of the things Brad was originally attracted to. We both share many interests including our knowledge in building environmentally and ecologically sound housing. The material chosen makes a difference in air quality and health of all beings not just the homeowners.

On a side note, Brad mentioned recently that Tom  Hanks laughingly says, " I am the worst at keeping secrets." about me. Brad went on to say Tom has fun any time my name is mentioned. Seeing me with a Tommy Gun is something that Tom Hanks jokes about because I am so feminine and my house is full of all kinds of cartoon characters, legos and computer games that the two don't mix. The fact that I am known to love cute things ,nail polish and pink things means Tom has a lot of fun making Brad and Leo crack up with his visions of me playing rebel in a very girlie way. I have to see it firsthand since I heard Tom Hank's description is hilariuos.

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