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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tips to have that Hollywood Outlook

When you see celebrities on tv, in person and in magazines, they are always smiling. Those smiles make us smile. As the old saying goes when you smile you smile with a group. Sure they seem to have it all and many of them do, but their outlook created that reality. Many celebrities find themselves saying nice things to each person they meet. I have found that if you keep looking for the good in others and stay away from criticisms, you stay in a happy mood. For example, I try to look for good things to say and to express them as much as I can. If I see a nice shirt, I will say, "I love that shirt. It looks great on you." Kind expressions from the heart create a gift you give and one you receive. Having a Hollywood outlook is simply telling that person you in your family how amazing they are and letting your neighbor know they have the cutest dog.
Zulie Perfect

When you make someone else happy, you get a great feeling. Freedom from criticism is really self love. By looking for the good in each person in our lives , we release ourselves to a mindset where criticism does not exist. Our culture promotes measurements and criticism but that does not result in joy. The yes of the judge are not happy eyes. The eyes of joy are happy eyes. If we recognize we can only have outlook at one time, judging others makes us unhappy. Yoga teaches acceptance of all people by overlooking as much as possible and setting time limits on difficult things to think about. Yoga is one way to get your Hollywood attitude.
Yoga helps when trying to learn how to become less critical about life. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson and more all practice Yoga. Yoga teaches the mindset of releasing all criticism to establish harmony and it really works.
Zulie Perfect

Learning to laugh a lot and freedom of movement is another tip. Often you see different celebrities acting out and doing silly things to make their fans laugh. Being free enough to act out in improvisation in funny or silly ways makes everyone laugh. It is a joyful mindset when you can open up your arms like an airplane as you walk along the street or you can turn into a hipster and walk that way. I started doing improvisation in my house and in public since I was young. My kids have seen their mother transform into a monkey , a unicorn, a bear,  a unicorn, and other animals as well as to speak in foreign accents from all over the world Russian, French, New York, British, and more. I get a laugh out of my kids and their friend when I transform as I crack myself up doing it. My daughter and I have even come up with our own language that no one can really understand but us. At times, even we have trouble understanding each other when we make the noises that should be words but are really something else.  If you give yourself the freedom to just create our own way,  you will find your mindset switches to joy. We all played as children and playing as adults is important. Acting is a form of play that we all have experienced. Nicole Kidman is famous for impromptu fun behavior. When it tickles her funny bone, Nicole can almost do anything. Take a tip from Nicole and have a laugh.

Dancing is another way to get that Celebrity attitude. Dancing creates joy from the inside. We dance when we celebrate. Even if I am doing the dishing, I try to add a little boogie into it. If I am whipping up a chocolate mousse, it becomes fun if I can do it mostly by had and get my groove on. Folding clothes has a whole new meaning if you are folding them and as you spin around with the clothes in hand. Yes, it may take a little longer but it is a lot of fun.

A celebrity makes someone happy. You don't have to me a household name to be a celebrity. To be a celebrity all you have to do is make people happy. That is easy to do.

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