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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Down the Shore With Jon Bon Jovi

I went to a beach house with Jon Bon Jovi and his family. I dont usually spend time with Jon's kids since it is usually socializing with Jon and Dorothea and sometimes Jon and his other buddies. Even though Jon lives by the water, his family likes to enjoy the ocean breeze from the Jersey shore. At times they like to go camping or using a motorhome/tour bus is not unusual for them. Jon is a pretty easy going, outdoorsy kind of guy and his wife is the same lifestyle partner. They both enjoy pretty much the same things. With years of wedding bliss, the couple have such a way with each other. I really enjoy seeing them and their tender ways. Jon and his wife remind me of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Both couples enjoy such a romantic, appreciative lifestyle that they all glow together and as individuals. Nicole and Dorothea both have such sweet puppy dog personalities . I use the term puppy dog personality because puppies have a way of adoring others so deeply and they show so much heartfelt appreciation for the little things in life.
jon bon jovi

Back at the beach, Jon and I decided to go for a walk along the ocean to watch the waves. Dorothea decided to stay at home and enjoy reading. We had all had a busy day swimming and playing in the ocean. Dorothea likes to relax in the evening sometimes with a nice glass of red wine. While we were walking, Jon reached down and picked up a seashell. He handed it to me and said," With this seashell I promise to be a good friend for life." It was a bond of tradition. In his family, seashells are symbolic of love and the purity of the family. By giving me the seashell, he was saying I was part of his family. Jon has a way of making people feel close to him and that side is the fatherly aspect so apparent in everything he does on and off camera.

 We came upon a flock and began the futile attempts at chasing the birds. Jon Bon Jovi knows how much I like to chase seagulls. The birds didn't seem to mind as we both attempted to get closer to the nearest bird only to change directions as that one took flight and another one became the closet bird. They flew around us, but never gave Jon or I much thought. The seagulls weren't concerned by our playful exchanges. It was neat how much they let Jon and I interact with them. Tossing and turning in the air as the flock swirled around us. We were running back and forth and they were flying up and down. The whole thing must have been quite a sight. There were people on their balconies laughing as they watched us. Jon and I had so much fun playing. There are have been many occasions where both Jon and I or Jon or I have spent time in the company of such sea birds. It is always a fun experience.  He keeps a seagull in his office that reminds him of the fun times we and others have shared playing with birds.

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