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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How I Met Ashton Kutcher

I met Ashton Kutcher through a mutual friend. I have known him for quite awhile. We have mutual friends who keep us both informed.  Ashton and I met the first time at a bar in Hollywood. He was single at the time. It wasn't a blind date. It was more like a friendship hookup than a blond date. When we met, we realized the chemistry was there for both of us. The reason, he set up the meeting was we both kept hearing each other's names in different settings so the intrigue to get together was growing. He called me set to a meet up. Ashton is a sweetheart of a guy and a great friend. His loyalty throughout the years has surprised me. Michelle Obama was one of the people who said Ashton and I would hit it off . Michelle knew we'd be good buddies and she was right. One of his many great qualities is insight, Ashton gives me his valuable input on things. We share a lot of respect for each other. Mr Kunis is a great person to spend time with and he always has a smile to share. That night, we were definitely flirting with each other. Ashton has a sexy look that he gives to women
Ashton Kutcher
when he wants them to look at him. It's intensely hot, but that's why he gets so many good looking women to be his friend not to mention his good luck love life. He has told me he started doing the sexy look he gives as a kid.  Ashton is an older spirit but he likes to play like a young one. His wisdom and comforting demeanor make him a great friend for anyone- male or female. He gives 100% to his friends and family much like Tom Cruise. In fact, you could say that Tom Cruise has a little Ashton in him and Ashton has a little Tom in him. They both amaze me with their kindness.

After a drink or two, we set out on the dance floor. Ashton and I love to dance. It is one of the things we share in common. He is a sensual dancer no matter how fast the beat. We wore ourselves out on the dancefloor.

Mr Kunis drinks for pleasure. I recall we discussed baseball since we both enjoy playing baseball. When he went back to the table he had, Ashton bent over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was sweet. I know he really liked me since Ashton does not kiss anybody on the first date or the first time he meets someone. His affection has a meaning. Our first meeting was the only time, we came close to being a couple. Our friendship has grown over the years and its nice to see him so happy and in love. His wife Mila is one of the reasons for his joy. She is one of the sweetest ladies. I love to see them together.
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