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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Getting To Know Howard Stern

One day Brad Pitt and I decided to meet up with Howard Stern at his Penthouse. Before we were introduced by Tom Cruise, I knew Howard was one of the nicest guys. We have several friends in common who told me so many nice things about Howard. The Shock Jock as he is called is really a teddy bear. He is very polite at all times. Howard values nice people and he is always willing to show his appreciation to others. He is a wise person who likes to share his knowledge on so many topics. I can honestly say that he is one of the most interesting and exciting people I have ever met. His diversity of knowledge along with his legendary memory is part of what keeps Howard in demand. He discusses so many things each time you meet him, that you walk away knowing some really neat information. He has a way of keeping the conversation moving and the variety of topics all flow. He listens with intention to everyone. That intent listening is one of the sweetest things he does. When he hosts a party, you know you will eat good. The food he serves is always fantastic. You get to know a lot about each other. For instance, Beth Stern's favorite color is pink. Ashton Kutcher's wife, Mila's favorite color is yellow. Howard and I share a mutual appreciate for Yoga. He also values Qigong. In fact, he recommended Qigong to me. Little known fact, he shares the same birthday as one of my family members.
Howard and Beth Stern

It is fun to observe Howard with different people as the dynamics change. Tom Cruise and Howard sometimes get philosophical and discuss religion of all types. They are both so open minded. I have researched different religions and sociocultural ideas that we all have a blast intellectualizing as we grow. David Spade and Howard have a similar sense of humor which leads to a lot of laughter. The conversation topics are very different, but always funny. When Nicole Kidman sees Howard, she likes to tease him about how tall he is. It is really funny because Nicole is tall as well. Nicole gets away with it because she is so adorable when does anything like that.

That day, Howard took us for a bike ride through Central Park. It was a cool fall day. I like the fall colors and the park is not as busy in the fall as it is in the summer. Howard doesn't like hot weather for sports and neither do I. when the weather is hot, I prefer to swim or splash play (as in water sports). We rode along the path joyfully discussing many things. Brad was a little quiet. I recall he was more interested in observing than in being as conversationally active as he usually is. Sometimes Brad can be very entranced, in a good way. He like, Howard, likes to take it all in and enjoy the moment to its fullest.

We stopped in front of an ice cream store. Howard bought the ice cream. There was a rush to give the lady the money since both Brad and Howard wanted to treat. I got mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone and Howard got a small dish of chocolate truffle ice cream and Brad had the same. They were like two peas in a pod once we got our ice cream. They both started chatting and this time it was my turn to listen. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun together that I forgot the time completely.

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