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Friday, June 5, 2020

David Spade's Pool Party

That night David Spade was in a mischievous mood. Instead of putting on his usual swimsuit, Spade put on a gold speedo. I have the feeling someone gave him it as a joke and he hadn't worn it before. It was the funniest thing, even though David looked good in it, no one saw it coming. I had a history of calling men's bikini swimsuits or speedos a certain nickname that makes most people laugh the moment they hear it.
david spade

Adam Sandler was wearing a swimsuit that had a small hole on the left butt cheek. Everyone called Adam "cheeky" that night and it might have been part of the reason why David put on his new golden glow.  The women cracked up as the two of them enjoyed hamming it up as they strutted their stuff. It was like being on a Moroccan beach where the men love to strut in thongs and other least amount of clothing possible. Sandler gave it back by humming cords of adult movie style music that he has making up and David got the message. His come back was, "jealous?" or some variation of that theme.
adam sandler

On and off, we played volleyball in the pool for a couple of hours. The sunshine started to go and we decided it was better to enjoy David's patio. We all got out of the pool. Once I was sitting down, he came over and dried my shoulders off with his towel. He always likes to kiss so I got a quick kiss. Sandler did the same thing for his wife Jackie. David is a romantic,attentive and considerate guy. He has a nice set up. Before long, Spade came out with a shish kabob that he had been delivered and he made sure everybody got some food. It was very impromptu, but it totally worked.

He did not have any servers. We all decided to go inside and watch a movie. of course we watched a comedy. David Spade likes foreign films and that might be a reason why he is so involved with the commentary on the Bachelor. There were about 10 people who had ventured over to party at David's. in the group was a really fun Australian couple. Lorenska was the wife's name. She was so fun and her charisma made her fit right in. David had picked a good film to watch.  I recall I laughed a lot. The fact that I was curled up with David that made the movie so enjoyable. He is such a sweetheart.

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