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Friday, October 5, 2018

Snorkeling with Brad Pitt

Bad Pitt and I went snorkeling one day. It was a special trip since both of us love wildlife and experiences in different underwater environments is always remarkable. He had been to the snorkeling location he took me to before. His experience was worthy of repeating . It gave Brad  insight into how to attract certain species to us and where in the site was the best location to view each distinct area. We swam close to the shore. The view was clear to the distant areas of the ocean. I had been to LA so many times before but this adventure was new to me. In previous discussions, I spoke about the several different aquariums that I had owned throughout my life. Living on the East Coast as a child fostered a strong interest in me for aquatic life. The smell of the ocean is intoxicating and waves are hypnotic. I enjoy the water.
Brad Pitt in ad by Chanel 5
One of my favorite ads and photos is from Brad's Chanel campaign. He knows I love Chanel 5. A few of you might not know I have always only worn Chanel 5 as my fragrance.

Brad's swimming background made him a natural snorkeler. He was such a good guide as he pointed out each fish that darted into our path as well as those that were in the distance. Before long I got wrapped up into this underwater world so full of beauty. Some of the fish would swim up in curiosity much like on the tv shows. The fact that we were so close to each other made the time extraordinarily fun. He is one of the most loving men. Brad likes to show off his knowledge of snorkeling and underwater skills.
Here is a piece of my underwater art. The ocean inspires me. 

One of the things I like about Brad is how he gets completely engaged in each experience down to the finest detail. Savoring each moment as he learns.  He is a great teacher. I enjoy being a student. At times we switch roles with ease. For example, he does not know as much about the Ballet as I do so we switch roles. We are both always learning. Humility teaches us to always be aware that opportunities will provide themselves for growth that only an open humble mind can experience. Through growth we transform. Life is dynamic as a student and a instructor. Maybe that is why I enjoyed my work throughout the years as a teacher. From camp counselor, to swim instructor in several communities, to teaching cheerleading to aerobics in gyms and even my teaching of disabled children. My extensive experience gave me a gauntlet of knowledge on how to instruct with respect and love. Good teachers reach out to students of all ages and all abilities to provide for them the experience of useful knowledge. At the same time good teachers listen to what each person has to say. It is an exchange that makes the relationship of student and teacher work so well. Brad is a gifted instructor. When he helps a person to understand his views or gives them new knowledge, he shows them respect combined with patience. That day Brad was really shining as a teacher for I learned more about the experience of snorkeling and wildlife than I had in most other new experiences I have had. He taught me a lot that day without realizing it.

Much of the communication was nonverbal after all we were underwater with snorkels in our mouths most of the time. Hand gestures, eye contact and loving touches was all we used to truly experience the adventure. At one point, he was doing the most outrageous hand gestures to crack me up. Being underwater is very intimate. It might be primeval, but water is very peaceful. I loved every minute of it. Brad Pitt is a handsome guy but it is his big heart and sensitive ways that makes him more than just a pretty face. I wish I could recall the name of the place. I have been to LA so many times throughout the years that I tend to forget names of places but I always recall the experiences. When you travel all over the US, coast to coast and everywhere in between as often as I have it is easy to forget names. Benjamin Button is like me in his travels but obviously on a much larger scale.
Zulie Perfect
Since it is October, a photo of me in one of my costumes.

On a side note, I have a friend named Dylan who says he has the greatest idea for an American detective comedy show. Dylan Moran has one of the funniest concept comedy shows that I have heard about it awhile. Details on it I will share in the future.

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