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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Peyton Manning's Surprises

Peyton Manning is always charming. I love his sense of humor and how he great he is at surprises. One time he surprised me a at bar he knew I liked. It was set up. I went to the bar with a few friends. I was not excepting Peyton to be at the bar. Some of the group took our drink order and went to the bar to get the refreshments for each person. My back was towards the bar as I enjoyed the conversation. The next thing I knew, Peyton was bringing the drinks over as if he was the server. He towered above me, while I was right between his arms with a smile I said,"I remember you". He smiled and said,"I know you do." Then he pulled up a chair and sat down with the group.
Peyton always loves football. This is one of my favorite pics of him because it is part of his charity work.
When Peyton felt like going swimming in a group, he would pick up the phone and organize a pool party. His personality is very charismatic so there were always people wanting to see us. One of the pool parties we went to involved the most ridiculous floats. He couldn't resist playing as he went right for the funny toys. I recall him popping up inside of several funny floats as he tried them on for laughter.

Peyton always enters the pool by doing the most perfect swan drive into the pool. He has an Olympic style of diving. Seeing a football player springboard into a pool by doing a swan dive is in itself funny. To others that have never seen his dive, their surprised reaction is always priceless. that night was no different for the swan came out to everyone's amazement.

At the party, Peyton snuck up behind me and picked me up. He enjoys surprising people by picking them up. Being picked up by him is irresistible. It's a bit like Tarzan when he picks you up and flips you over his shoulder. Very few people know that Tarzan is not Peyton's only impression. He does a brilliant Donald Duck. Whenever he does the Donald Duck, he always adds a twist. Donald does not flirt but Peyton does. Hearing him saying a pick up line with a duck voice always gets my attention and a giggle. The Duck surprise has appeared often over the years I have known him.

He has a look when he tilts his head slightly down with a big grin that means he is flirting with you. It is a sexy look that Peyton does very well. You would be surprised how many women get caught up in that look when he flashes it. Even from across the room, he grabs everyone's attention. I don't know how many times he got me to loose my train of thought when he would give me that look. His wife Ashley gets it all the time, but she is used to it. She knows to bat her eyes to get the tables to turn. Peyton has a really soft heart. It is his soft heart that makes the look have such an impact. They say the eyes are the keys to the soul of a person. When people he loves say nice things about him, Peyton always gets excited.

On a side note,
If you have been watching Peyton's latest commercials, he has a clipboard in his hands. The joke is I left my clipboard at one of the TV show auditions I was called in for. The fact that I brought a clipboard to a TV show was kind of funny to everyone. In fact, I am not completely sure why it came up. The next thing I know, I am being asked to bring out my clipboard to work with it. I got caught up in what I was doing and left the clipboard behind. I did not realize it until I got home. Somewhere in Hollywood my clipboard might be floating around. Peyton has never told me whether that is my clipboard he is holding. He teases me when I ask by never giving me a straight answer.

Since it is October, here is a pic of me in one of my costumes.
Go Go Girl costume with lovely white leather boots.

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