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Friday, October 26, 2018

Tom Cruise's Surprises

Tom Cruise enjoys having fun. His practical jokes are always funny. He has prosthetics and eye makeup that he masterfully applies. The old man character that people fell in love with is based upon some of Tom's real life adventures. He has dealt with some very interesting older people with strong opinions on his film choices, acting performances and a few other subjects. Even though some of the seniors were to put it mildly strongly expressive in their opinions , Tom always has a gentle reaction and a smile to give each fan. I think its funny because I know his mind is referencing the incident for future antics. If your creatively minded, fans can be great sources of material. It also means that Tom  pays attention completely to what is going on.
Tom  always looks great in black.

When he created that character for the public to enjoy many people had already had their time with that loveable persona. Les Grossman is an example of the old man personas he has created.Tom would on occasion go completely incognito by dressing in flannels and polyester pants with or without a vest. The character he created in real life was intense in his behavior than the one we are familiar with from the screen. Tom was creating that character for several years. He would bring it out on a whim or when it tickled his fancy to make other people laugh at all the mischief one older man could get away with. My husband jokingly has the same concept of his own rebellious character and behavior patterns that are very much like Tom's but slightly different. They are both completely different people but their humor is similar at times. I have seen Tom use his old man character to hit on older women just to make their day as well as to see what they do when he whistles or tries to snuggle up to them. It is really funny as most women are caught off guard by grand gestures of affection. He is a sweet man to make the ladies feel beautiful. When the women blush, he knows he has them. In a costume or as himself, Tom Cruise is always one of the nicest guys you could ever run into. If you see an old man who vaguely looks like Tom, you just might be looking at the real Tom. If you do dont ruin the secret in other words don't ask him if he is Tom. You will have more fun with the wild senior than you can imagine and so will he.

My next blog will be about Prince Harry. He teased me about my socks in this photo.

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This photo is a little joke since Tom knows I am extremely flexible. Years of daily Yoga does have its perks.