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Monday, October 1, 2018

Having Fun with the Kardashians

Kris Kardashian was the first Kardashian I met. It was Hugh Hefner that introduced us. Our first meeting was arranged by Kris herself. She had set up some horses for us to ride knowing that I enjoy horseback riding as much as she does. Kris was also aware that I had been riding since I was a young child. We went horseback riding at a private stable. It was a perfect sunny day when we got together for our ride. As the day progressed, I noticed that Kris has a lot of insight and humor making her very easy to talk to. She is a natural conversationalist with a compassionate ear. We did not discuss any sensitive topics during our first meeting. We were just getting to know each other. The Kardashians are a not a drama filled family like the tv show conveys. Capturing mostly highs and lows of life portrays a life that is not as real as real life. They are a joyful fun loving family who make people very happy. The natural charisma they all share along with their strong bonds to each other makes them interesting to the masses. I find them all to be the happy go lucky type. Hugs are a must in the family not just with family members but with friends and associates. I like their warmth since it is unusual but its also a very natural way of being hugs are healthy and rejuvenative. Even when times are tough they still seem to have a way of shaking it off as they say. I know Kim had a hard time with the robbery. Her openness helped her to build herself back up. Kim is so grateful for the community of loving fans who helped her. What the family gives back is genuine. I enjoy them all in different ways.

Kim and I share an interest in spirituality, crystals and holistic healing technics. We both have a strong love of God. The interest in crystals for their energy. Music is a another form of energy which has an amazing impact. If it did not movies would not pay so much attention to mood music and sound scores. Chanting and different sounds also impact our chemistry such as "Om, Jam" and other Yogic chants.  All things are energy and love is the strongest of all energies. Acupuncture is another common link we have and the improvements it makes to a healthy lifestyle is astounding.

 Kim Kardashian makes the best fruit punch both spiked and not. She combines a lot of ingredients in her secret recipe. Tropical fruits and berries are obviously in their but the exact combination and amounts eludes me. Kim has been making the fruit punch for years so its perfect each time. A day with Kim is always a day of laughter. She is very witty and can deliver the best one liners to knock you off your seat. I think she gets it from her mother.

Kris Jenner will tell you a lot based upon experience. Her fun nature is always present. She is a mother to everybody. They are all lucky to have her. Kris has long wings to put a lot of people under them inside and outside of the family. If you ever need skincare or makeup tips, Kris knows skincare like nobody's business. She is an expert in ingredients even I with all my years of working in cosmetics and natural food industry tradeshows/events all over the US and I am stumped by her. I have spent years researching quality products and ingredients that offer people a natural high grade alternative to harsh chemical compositions.

Kendall has a silly side and she is such a free spirit that it is easy to get caught up in fun with her. She and I have an age difference but it is not noticeable. Dancing is a bond we share. Even though it has been awhile since I saw her.

The family likes to play pool games. They all love the water . I have seen Chris, Kim, Courtney, Kendell and Khloe go running and jumping into the pool to see who can make the biggest splash. The water is also a place to relax for all of them. Being like fish in the sea is a great analogy for them all. The children splish, splash as much as their parents do. My Water Ballet background is always drawn upon anytime I am in the water. Teaching simply combinations is fun for me and the Kardashian learn quickly how to maneuver in the water to very elegant movements.They always seem to enjoy it when I put on a show. I should shoot some images of me but our pool is closed for the winter now. You would be surprised certain surface moves can be done in pretty shallow water. Water Ballet is  a lot easier than you think.
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