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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Romantic Outings with David Spade

David Spade is such a romantic guy. Wherever his dates wants to go is where he goes. He goes along with any plan. David knows how to make a woman feel sexy and desirable with his compliments or simply a coy smile that says a lot. The soft hearted comedian  will go out of his way to make sure everything goes smoothly. David Spade enjoys amusement or theme parks. He likes to ride Roller Coasters. I enjoy spending time with David and I love to play. Theme Parks are really playgrounds. I don't ride the Roller Coasters myself. I enjoy the environment and the excitement of watching other people have fun.
David Spade

I love riding the water rides with David Spade. Whenever he gets wet, he likes to cuddle and bust out laughing as the splash of the water hits him by surprise. Even when you see a water splash up head on a water ride, it is always surprising and fun when it hits.

He and I both love picnics at the park with a glass of champagne. Wandering around and enjoying the scenery that sometimes provides unexpected events such as catching a glimpse of birds closer than usual or a squirrel darting into hiding. It is so peaceful. I have a unique way of looking at things that David seems to enjoy. I can sometimes be considered a handful but I am not too much for David. He is quite adventurous and as I mentioned he likes to make sure his date is happy.

David Spade really loves the beach. We had so much fun playing beach volleyball. He has an awesome serve.

My fondest memories of David is simply staring in his eyes. He has a softness in his spirit that I can see in his eyes. His sense of humor and impromptu laughing is the second favorite part of him. David Spade is one of the sexiest men and his reputation as a ladies man comes from his warmth. Being with a man who is able to be multi dimensional is very attractive. We always have conversations that completely surprise me.

The famous comedian sometimes uses a disguise. David's disguises are subtle. Changing his hair color is one thing he does that throws people. When he combines the darker hair with a hat and glasses, people react. I have found everyone who sees David Spade in disguise often thinks the real David is a look alike Spade. His voice gives him away a little. It is so distinctive and well known that it is hard to completely fool a person into thinking that it is not David. It is funny to watch.

I owe David Spade some crayons and when he reads this he will laugh.
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David Spade