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Friday, January 8, 2021

Tom Cruise's Romantic Getaway

 Tom Cruise had reservations at a historic hotel on the East Coast. It was summer. The area had a lot of historic building just the way Tom likes it. He had a gorgeous suite booked with several rooms. The suite was on the top floor of the building. The hotel wasn't very big, but it was famous for its archectural splendor, romatic feel and the cuisine. Tom always likes a classy place;) 

tom cruise
Tom and I had dinner in a secluded part of the lobby of the grand hotel where we could enjoy our meals incognito. We both like historical places and discussing the past. The hotel was ideal for it. It had a rich history with spectacular ornamentation throughout. Places with a story to tell adds to the dimensions of the experience while staying under its roof. Since Tom has been on so many movie sets, he knows the best places to get both scenic and archectural beauty positioned in historical areas.  

Tom had the waiter bring us some fresh fruits and a lovely salad. Since I am a pescatarian, he has nice enough to have only fish brought to us. My delicious lightly butter Cod with a mango salsa was divine. Tom ate a Mahi Mahi with the same topping. Both were perfectly cooked. We drank a fruity soft white wine that paired wonderfully with the entrees. The mood was very romatic with dim lighting. He was so taken with the place, that I thought he might just buy it. I was wearing a white shorts set and Tom had on a brown and white plaid polo style shirt with khaki pants. 

After dinner, we ventured up to our rooms by exploring the hotel. The lobby had a balcony with a piano and some exotic plants. Walking around the balcony led us to the elevator and up to our rooms. When we arrived, he hopped up on the bed and I joined him. We sat there casually and discussed evening plans. He and I agreeded that a tour of the city would be a great adventure for us. The car to take us on a tour was set to arrive in an hour.

zulie perfect
We got in to the car and cuddled up in the backseat. He likes to put his arm around me and he slipped his arm into position. Several quick kisses were given, but not the first ones of the evening. The driver took us around the city stopping at interesting points just in case we wanted to get out and explore the area. We were both drawn to the water. Tom set up a boat ride and the driver took care of the arrangments while we waited. The dock area was lit up with boats, lights, docking spaces and other nautical lighting. We boarded a small luxury craft that was borrowed from a fan. The boat owner rents different styles and sizes of boats for various occasions. Once out on the water, we could see the stars fill the sky and hear the water background. Sitting outside on the water craft was just the right spot. The night was warm and splendid. The boat driver slowed the boat down as it floated without movement, just the gentle rocking of the waves. Music was playing and we danced under the stars on the boat. The rest I will
save for another blog.

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