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Saturday, December 26, 2020

David Spade's Malibu Hangout

 David Spade and I went to Malibu for a quick vacation. It was over the weekend. We only had 4 or 5 days to spend together. We mutually decided that Malibu would be a great place to share a few days of fun in the sun. I recall we spent most of the days at the beach, which was his backyard. The house had a great swimming pool with a slide. I lost track of how many times we went sliding down into the water.  I kept going down the slide as David would catch me and slip me a kiss. It was so much fun. I do enjoy water slides. David Spade is a very romantic person with open hearted ways. He makes me smile whenever he quietly makes sliding sounds. I get the reference back to our Malibu days in the sun together and the fun we shared on that slide.

 I love the little secrets he shares with me each time we see each other. David brings up things in a subtle, romantic with a little tongue and cheek that reminds me of our past. Very few people get the references he makes to me, but that what makes it sexy, it's a flirty habit that he shares. "Remember the time we did this and you did this." isn't subtle. The way David gets you to reflect or daydream upon a shared memory is to share a certain noise, or say a one word reference with a smile. It is his way of saying that he had a really great time. He has other sexy ways of doing that memory recall flirt and I love it every time. 

We played some Marco Polo in the pool. The game was a lot of fun as we made modifications that made it playfully exciting. Lots of water went in many directions and lots of laughter accompanied it. 

After we had finished playing in the pool, we decided to sunbath in the shade. We enjoy the warmth under a canopy in the sun, but neither of us get a dark suntan so enjoying the sun while in the shade is very steamy. David had the staff who maintain the house stop by to fix up some meals whilst doing their regular cleaning. ( Yes, I am using the whilst so David cracks up when he reads this blog.) 

As we sat in the warmth, David and I had a great time relaxing. We were chatting about our daydreams on life and all of its humor. David is easy to talk to because he has a gift with words. He is not always funny, but he has a very upbeat personality just like his public image. Sitting under the canopy, we ate some watermelon that was cut up for us to enjoy. David knows I like Jello shots with vodka. Once and a while, he will throw me a curve and have some appear before me. It is like magic. They appear so quickly and disappear just as fast. He is one of the best kissers. We shared several kisses that day- in the pool, under the canopy and other places. It was a fun day. 

The staff left a few dinners prepared, some light lunches, snack with of course breakfast left to us. I did not see them again that weekend, but I think his staff came by to check up on things and to make sure there was nothing we needed. Ordering in was always an option since many of the local eateries deliver to celebrities with charges, but this time it was yummy home cooked meals. 

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