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Friday, January 22, 2021

Brad Pitt In the Moonlight

 Brad Pitt and I went to his place in Philadelphia on vacation. The romance of the city is legendary. He has a quiet place that he rents out when he is not using it. It is a downtown cottage style brownstone . The humble surroudings keeps it secluded . Everywhere he stays is always elegant. The brownstone was the same. He has a fondness for antiques. Brad was wearing a brown t-shirt and black shorts. I had on a pink sundress. 

Brad turned on some music. The night sky was ideal. We went out through a glass door into the courtyard. He took me into his arms and we danced under the stars surrounded by the magical courtyard. Brad is one of the best dancers with impressive skills that are always sexy. He loves to dance as much as I do. Our bodies moved in sync with each other. It was our own dance floor. He has very deep soulful eyes that give away his emotions. When we were finished dancing, we sat down at the garden table to look at the stars. Brad went to get a bottle of red wine out of the refrigerator for us and he had two glasses in his hands. We could hear some of the nightlife in the background. Our view was so beauitful that we simply stayed right where we were. He told me about some of the jumps he was working on for a film. The type of training he was doing to compete in such a physical way. I found it interesting since I have a background in aerobics and bodysculpting training. We shared insights into workout routines. Both of us like to be physically active and work up a sweat. Discussing workout techniques together became very flirtatious. I recall he brought up the topic of robots. It came up in some way. I was surprised at how much Brad knew about automated technology. 

A little while later, I heard a knock at the door. Brad went to answer it and I stayed outside. He had some local cooking delivered. It was a surprise to see the food arrive. Brad brought the meal out to the table. I enjoy a nice candleight dinner but a starry moonlight sky is even better. The food was delicious. I love jumbo. We sat enjoying the meal and star gazing. The evening flew past. There were several kisses exchanged. Brad has soft full lips that are very engaging. We spent hours sitting out under the stars. 

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