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Friday, January 29, 2021

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Sweet Music

 Nicole Kidman has a one of a kind relationship with her husband Keith Urban. They are both such loving people that combine into such an adorable couple. I feel they wake up singing. Sometimes Keith and Nicole literally do wake up singing. She sees him as the most romantic cowboy she has ever met. Nicole sees Keith as handsome and someone who knows her so well. He even knows where she keeps her side stash of brownies. Nic says, "Keith has always been able to read me like the back of his hand. His instinct is uncanny, but in a beautiful way. That unspoken understanding is part of what  makes us get along so well." Keith says she is the sunshine in his eyes. He has never been as happy as when they are together. Spending time with them both is always so much fun. They make you feel like you're a part of one big happy family.

Nicole and Keith love to do impromptu and planned concerts for their friends. Their voices are so exquisite ,but when combined in a duet, even more so. Their little shows are always cheorographed or at least they seem so. I think it is the way they read each other that makes the dancing flow. Many of us have seen them singing in the car,in public outings, and in their home. Those little performances, just like in their videos, go on all the time. When they sing, there is always a little twinkle in their eyes. The wholesome lifestyle Nic and Keith cherish is real and every bit as fun as it seems. The pair have been smitten with each other since the day they met. Their affectionate lifestyle choice inspires others to be more loving. It is something they do naturally. the couple's affectionate ways draws people towards them. Love is contageous. The concerts aren't all country music. There is usually a mixture of music sung. Even showtunes from different musicals have been known to appear in the concerts.

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