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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Spending Time with Howard and Beth Stern

 I was spending time with Howard Stern. We had met up in his garden. He says he has a pink thumb since everytime he trims his roses, he cuts himself. Roses are his favorite thing. Howard always keeps a rooftop garden. He has access to the buildings he buys places to live in. Having a rooftop garden means he always has access to a romantic location to take his wife. The shock jock loves waterfalls and fountains. The meticulously maintained garden is a treat to see. Beth enjoys gardening with her
husband. Gardening is an art they share. If the couple ever decides to host a Gardening show, there is a lot we could learn from them.

Howard has such a beautiful relationship with his wife Beth. They nurture each other with so much joy in their hearts. Howard will always say Beth spoils him and Beth says Howard gives her everything she wants and it is him that spoils her. What makes it so sweet is how they both light up when their names are mentioned. Their romantic encounters make them both legendary. Unlike Howard's usual personality, he was so taken by Beth when they met that he was a little tongue tied. Howard is known for his ease with words. He is a very great communicator with a broad knowledge. 

We had planned to go up to the Hamptons, but instead we decided to stay in NYC.  Howard knows some great places to go. He likes to wine and dine his guest since he is always a gentleman. His wife is a wonderful hostess. They entertain guests of all sorts from musicians, model, professors, all forms of society, some famous and some not famous but all are treated really well. Everybody is important to him. 

The reason we decided to stay in New York City was Rod Stewart was in town and he was having a concert. Howard surprised me with some backstage passes. The pair have known each other for quite a long time. Howard enjoys seeing Rod on a more casual venue, but Rod Stewart has amazing concerts that they are really hard to miss. Rod Stewart performs with the energy of a kid and his youthful style captures the audiences. He is really one of the best Rock Concert performers of all time. Nobody can take their eyes off the stage from the monent he walks on it.

zulie perfect
Once we got backstage, we saw the staff had prepared buffet style set up for evening. The room was filled with some flowers, a few soccer balls, food and equipment. The chairs were simple but very comfortable. Rod might have had a "Meet and Greet" earlier since there were several chairs set up. He popped in before the show to say hi to us before the music began. The entertainer was so excited. He is always a showman. We went to our seats and the concert began. 

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