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Friday, June 7, 2019

Adam Sandler's Twinkle Toes Shine

Adam Sandler  According to my sources, Adam Sandler likes to stare at his toes. If you ask Adam why, he always says because he has the sexiest toes he has ever seen. He is known to enjoy showing them off in sandals. Pedicures are an important part of Adam's self care routine. He enjoys showing off his toes to the staff as he says they often compliment him on his pretty feet.  The amount of people he catches looking at his feet while the is in the salon, often amazes him. Adam has a song he wrote about his feet, but he is often a little shy to sing it. He is such a great lyricist that the words are hilariuos and very heartfelt. The famous comedian is more than just a pretty set of feet. Before they leave the house, his wife has to check to make sure Adam has shoes on for he often tries to slip out of the house in flip flops. 

Jon Bon JoviWhile we are on the topic of feet, a little news flash that I just got is Jon Bon Jovi enjoys wearing toes rings.  He only does it for his wife Dorothea. Jon Bon Jovi says is his way of showing how he worships the ground his wife walks on. Knowing why he says he wears them makes Dorothea feel so sexy that she always melts. Jon knows how to romance his wife. I took the liberty to create photoshopped toe rings to show his audience how good he looks in toe rings :) Jon loves his wife from his head to his toes.  But Jon makes everything sexy even a banana suit- story to come ;)  in toe rings :) But Jon makes everything sexy even a banana suit- story to come ;) 
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