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Monday, May 20, 2019

Funny Sides of Prince William and Prince Harry

The world's favorite Princes have so much fun. They are able to work humor into their charity and official functions. Hers is a peak into some of the fun they share together and apart. Prince Harry and Prince William still like to wrestle each other much as they did when they were boys. Prince William always wins, but it doesn't stop Prince Harry from trying. One time the Duchess of Sussex tried to hop in and help Harry, but Harry would not allow it. I am told Meghan pretended to join in the fun in a very tongue and cheek way. The Princes are close as they have always been. Fatherhood has changed them both. A funny thing happened the day when Princess Charlotte was born. Prince William was trying to keep himself in a relaxed state of mind and he had a few drinks without watching. As his wife's labor progressed, he was not aware of how close she was as a result he had a  few extra drinks. Prince William is not a heavy drinker and then the drinks hit him before he knew it he was a little intoxicated with Duchess of Cambridge, his beloved wife, Kate in full labor.
Prince William, Prince Harry , Ducches Kate and Duchess Meghan
They had to go to the hospital with William still a little under the influence when he got there. The Queen was not upset since she knew that he did not drink much so he was not sure how much he could drink. Duchess Kate was not upset wither in fact , she thought it was funny. He was saying how sorry he was but it did not bother her. They have known each other through so many years and so many events that she felt safe knowing he was there. Being together was all that mattered to them both. I have heard so many great stories from both William and Harry that I love them both. They are both so fun of life and their humorous side is always on the surface. Throughout all the protocol it peaks in.
Prince William and Prince Harry

On the night before their wedding, Prince William called Kate and said,"Are you sure you want to be with me in all of this." Kate replied," I'd be happy to be by your side anywhere." Being a member of the Royal family in the United Kingdom is a high profile and high responsibility job. William knew the public would fall in love with Kate just as they have done.

The Princes have their own dance they like to do on special occasions. Prince Harry does  moonwalk while Prince William does the Robot dance. It is quite a show and everybody loves it when the two break it down as they say. Someday if someone gets a video of them doing it, with their permission, I know it will go viral. They are a really good dance team . I think it would be an excellent video for a charity fundraiser. I will share more of their humor and easy going style in some of my upcoming blogs. There are so many funny things that the dup do to have them in one blog would be a very long blog but it would be a hilarious one.
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