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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Spending the Day with Nicole Kidman

One day , Nicole Kidman and I decided to spend the day together. We decided to try on clothes and make it a girls day. We intended to go shopping in stores, but those plans quickly changed as we both got caught up in the moment. Shopping with Nicole is often window shopping and having fun trying on new looks. Nicole Kidman likes to shop for funny t-shirts. I was happy she had time off to enjoy the day since I know how busy her schedule is every day. She is one of the most popular people in Nashville, LA and in everywhere else she sets up a home.

When I think of Nicole, I often think of her husband. Keith Urban is always by her side even if it
sometimes just in spirit.  Keith is so thoughtful to everyone he meets. An example of his awareness of others is how he recalled I like chocolate. One time Keith surprised me, he had an Australian candy that we shared. Keith broke the chocolate bar into pieces and then put it on another candy. It was so
good . I don't recall what the name of the candy was but I do recall how he combined them and how good it was. Keith is a gentleman whom I think is just amazing. The love he and Nicole share is beautiful and natural. Even before they were married, she knew he was the one. and her fortune telling. in this case, was spot on. I love this photo of Keith and Nicole for it shows their joyful, fun loving lifestyle. My husband has the same kind of carefree playful spirit that Keith does and they have so much in common.

On another note, Nicole mentioned to me that she likes Perugina and Ferrero candy.
Just like me, she also likes Godiva chocolate. I like the Baci Perugina candy so I added a small photo of the bag.

We shopped in Nicole's closet since she has soo many dresses, outfits, hats and costumes. She
good chocolate photos
has the best dress up. I am quite a bit smaller than Nicole. I am only 5ft 4 but somehow with her talented eye, she always finds things to have me put on. Over the years, she has acquired a wardrobe covers everything from gowns to animal costumes.  She showed me her best outfits. Nicole kept producing dresses from the many ranks and we both tried them on while posing for each over in our glam ways. Tossing our hair about while making sexy pouts was so much fun in a variety of clothing. We were in the flow as time flew past. She would hold dresses up to me before I tried them on. I really liked a multicolored glittery ballgown. It had white stripes in it and there was red near the sleeves. It was a form fitting gown that was so sexy on.

Nicole Kidman surprised me when she brought out two purple fuzzy monkey costumes. I have no idea where she got the from but they were big, purple, hairy and so much fun. I knew the moment I saw them on the hangers that we were both going to have fun with them. So we both put on our matching purple fuzzy monkey costumes. She has a fun loving creative side that is very inspiring and the monkey look was hilarious. If her daughter's could have seen us both dressed up in that way having fun monkeying around, they would have loved it. I am just not sure they would have been surprised to see us dressed that way since Nicole is a very fun loving mother who is capable of almost anything. We both pretended to be very formal monkeys- very high brow indeed. We were  pretending to be ultra Hollywood Glam while in an adorable monkey costume. We spoke to each other with a Southern English accent. The aristocratic monkeys, we became would have made Tarzan so proud. The entire scene must have looked so ridiculous.  Nicole knew I had daydreamed about being a well dressed Monkey wearing makeup and high heels. I would imagine that monkey in different scenarios including high tea. We acted out one of my Monkey daydreams. Then she began to jump on the sofa and it was fun. I joined in on the jumping. She had a big soft sofa so we bounced up and landed in the cushions. The day went by quickly and so did this blog :)

This is something fun from last week's photoshoot and video work. Wearing my bikini on a Martian Beach scene. The first woman on Mars should have a good wardrobe.

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