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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Skiing with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and I went to stay at a private ski lodge. We both enjoy skiing very much. If I mentioned the place's location then the lodge might be exposed. In order to keep Tom's secret ski place special I won't give away too many details. The lodge had an amazing view from every direction. The snow gave the woods a peaceful feeling. I could see deer tracks or at least I think they were deer. When I first found them I smiled. Seeing the wildlife presence that close to me was a nice feeling. I love animals and enjoy seeing deer. Even though it was cold, the atmosphere was very warm. Tom is a very affectionate person as I mentioned before. He likes to come up behind you and wrap his arms around you. I like that snuggly style. It is romantic to feel the heat warmth of someone you care for up against you. Tom would talk to me about the view or sometimes our plans for the rest of the day. I loved that feeling and those up close conversations were the best. He would always end the conversations with a quick kiss on the neck. Another romantic thing Tom would do was to carry a little heart in his pocket and he would give me one from time to time. It was a small gesture and the hearts were a small penny sized glass heart. It was symbolic of his ways, he always had time to share and love to give.

We both love to ski. I have been skiing since I was a teenager. Tom use to have a snowboard but I am not sure if he has one anymore. He has not mentioned it in awhile. I learned from him that a mountain does not have to be high for it to be a good place to ski. We liked to ski close to each other down the mountain. I am not as fast as some skiers. I don't go as fast as Tom can go down a slope. I enjoy the feeling of the snow. For me, I like the side to side motion of the curving path and that style slows you down quite a bit. I like the feel of the graceful movement of slaloming rather than the all out straighter smaller slalom. We spent about a week in the mountains. Skiing for hours at a time, playing in the snow and going for walks. Creating funny looking snowmen amused us. You would be surprised at what you can create in snow. As they say time flies when you are having fun.

The lodge had a fireplace that we used each evening. Occasionally, we  drank hot chocolate with a little Bailey's Irish Cream to warm us up. By the fire, we most often had a glass of wine. Neither of us are really big drinkers but the once and awhile treat is pleasant.We both have had our share of research on the subject of wine. Tom likes to make tomato soup, hot or cold it is always delicious.

The house had a ping pong table. It was stocked with a collection of board games for guests to borrow or maybe it was Tom who had the board games brought to the place. He does his best to keep work separate. He is always available and that unlimited access that he gives to his business associates and different producers keeps him as one of the most well respected actors in the world. It is not just his talent but his business sense and sense of respect that shows in his work. I noticed this throughout my time with Tom. On this occasion, he was working on some new publicity concept related to a future move that was not yet in production. I recall some of the conversations since he included me in them. Asking my opinion , was his way of showing me respect as well as getting my input since I do have a unique way of seeing things combined with a marketing degree. These business conversations were not the focus of our talk but rather small talk as thoughts came into his mind or phone calls occurred.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year. I have several new projects I am working on and looking forward to sharing them.
One of my favorite Christmas photos was taken at my mother's house by her fireplace.

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