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Friday, November 20, 2020

Nicole Kidman's Gardens

Nicole Kidman has a way of making every place she goes the best, most wonderfully fun place. I think it's the way she likes to fall in love with life. One day, I met Nicole on her farm. She was wearing a peach jumpsuit. I loved the color of the sporty clothing choice. It fit her perfectly. Nic's hair was pulled back in a matching peach ribbon. The ponytail flew from side to side when she walked. The pastel shade she was wearing was a great reflection of the lovely summer day. I had on a pink shorts outfit. I recall the colors because we joked about looking like sherbet with our fruity pastel clothing.

 Nicole had a swing set on that property and she has one today on her property. The two of us made our way down to the swings. We swang on the swings for awhile and discussed how lucky we were to enjoy such a beautiful place together.

nicole kidman

Later on, Nicole and I set up a picnic near the stables. We had tea sandwiches which were little sandwiches made of salmon spread and cucumber. It was a nice lovely light lunch. She had made a special effort to make sure we had a couple of peanut butter and jelly ones and two small apple tarts for a treats. They were made with unsweetened apples, but you'd never know it. I find that most fruits can be made into pastries without adding sugar. Nic and I sat in the sun and enjoyed sipping water with lemon as the day grow longer and the time flew. I could only tell how much time had past by the length of shadows on the ground because neither of us was counting time as it flew. It  was such a gorgeous day with perfect weather.

By now, it was time for a horseback ride. Both of us share a common fondness of horses. We walked over to the stables and took out two gentle ones. They were easily fitted with saddles. Nicole and I rode off across the land at a slow pace. The gardens looked beautiful. Much of the pastures were partially full of flowered edible plants. Her horses could eat in beauty. We stopped amongst a clearing to enjoy the scenery which Nic found breathtaking, as she put it. I agreed the land around us was perfectly divine. Nature is spiritually rewarding. We rode off and soon returned back to our starting point. The horses were taken by one of her staff. The outdoor part of the day was winding to an end. 

Inside, Nicole had set up a few board games. She turned on the music as we grabbed our seats in her family room. I love the big comfy chair that Nic always has in her homes. The rest of the evening was spent in that room. We danced and hung out. Sometimes we danced in our seats. Nicole is the one who taught me how to dance in a chair. She is one of the best dancers. We both have formal Ballet training. Nicole loves to show off her dancing skills to everyone's pleasure. There is a reason why Nicole is a famous dancer. She can dance to anything, in any situation and make it look easy. My dear friend is an artist. An artist can create art at anytime. We had so much fun doing girl time until the late hours of the evening. I ended up staying over that night and the rest I will share in another blog :) 

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