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Friday, November 6, 2020

Autumn Day with Brad Pitt

brad pitt
It was a crisp Autumn day and the trees where at their peak. Brad Pitt and I had a nice hotel to Cabin to enjoy. Where we were staying is a secret home that one of his close friends owns. It is not uncommon for celebrities to give their houses to each other. Pleasant accommodations are easy to find and share amongst celebrities and the Jetset. It was a nice place that was a little more remote than Brad and I had stayed before. Brad had started to develop an interest in Yoga during the time we were together. I am not sure how much he practices now, but I do know he still fosters an interest in the techniques of the poses. He would say I should try this or that pose as he pointed to the poses inside a yoga book that the owner had left out. I laughed at the idea of trying to commit my body to some of the advanced strength and balance ones. The Crow Pose challenges me. I am more the flexible Yogi than the strength one. Balance and dexterity are easy for me. Knowing me, as well as Brad does, he would chuckle at my response each time to the poses. 

We decided to go into town and check out the little stories. There were several artsy stories that we enjoyed and a lovely café with great desserts. We enjoyed the antique store with the little porcelain figures of all sorts. Brad had his arm around me as we walked along the streets. He likes to whisper in your ear when he holds you. He doesn't always say romantic things when he is up close, but sometimes he does. I think he sees whispering or close communication as intimacy which he know people like. Sometimes, we would whisper things like lets go get something to eat. In itself those words aren't sexy or romantic but when whispered in your ear while possessing your full attention and under his arm they become very sexy. At times the most unromantic things cane become romantic. It is all in the timing, the chemistry and the way you look at it. Brad would take a gentle, sensual bite of my ear. The well timed little nibbles were adorably hot. We bought some flowers from one of the shops to enjoy at the house. He carried them out to the car. 

Brad Pitt and I found a nice restaurant to grab a quick bite. The place had wonderful seafood and a great mixture of gourmet salads. I handed him the list of wines the waiter had given me. Brad picked a red wine. Red is healthier so we both enjoy red wines in moderation. It was an enchanted evening. We enjoyed the laughter. The mutual attention was intoxicating as the meal moved on until we were both finished. 

zulie perfect
Walking around the little town took up most of the evening. It was so pretty. When Brad and I got back to the house, we felt content after walking for hours. He put on some music as we curled up by the fireplace. The music was soulful. Brad asked me to dance so we got up and danced for awhile. One of his favorite things is to dance. 

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