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Friday, December 4, 2020

Brad Pitt's Beach

 Brad Pitt and I met up at a beachside hotel with private access. David Spade will know the place I am referring to. I know he will keep the secret.  Brad had a purple string bikini he had sitting on the coffee table in the living room area of the suite. I put my bikini now and we headed out to the beach. The hotel had a private beach area with server access so we could get delivered anything we wanted. Brad and I decided it make it into a day outing. We share a common love of the water. I saw a couple of boats out on the horizon but other than a boats, we had the area all to ourselves. The resort is a popular place that is a little out of the way. The location, helps to keep it exclusive and that makes it a perfect celebrity hot spot. 

brad pitt
It was a gorgeous day. I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep under the little hut. I think Brad did the same. When we woke up, the water called to us and we decided to take a swim. Brad put his arms around me as we stood in the water. With the waves gently splashing against us, we took in the beauty our surroundings. The water felt refreshing. It was cooler than the air, but definitely warm. Brad's swimsuit was dark blue with green in it. Our swimwear didn't match, but they did compliment each other. Before long, Brad's lips were on mine. We kissed in the tropical paradise that seemed divine. His kisses were soft, gentle and strongly felt by both of us. Brad kisses with his entire body.  It was still a public place so with restraint we stopped kissing.

 After swimming for awhile, we decided it was time to explore the beach. We dried off, I put on my sarong and we started to walk along the shoreline with our feet in the water. Staring into Brad's eyes was intense. He has such a warmth in him that reflects in his eyes.We walked for a few minutes and then turned around to walk back to our spot on the beach.  

Once we were back at our spot, we called to get late lunch delivered. Room service on the beach is a lovely thing.  Brad had a burger and I had some fish. I did not want to eat too much. He loves to dance so I knew a light dinner would keep me feeling great so my body would enjoy the movement as much as my mind always does. Dancing is very spiritual but  it involves all 3-body, mind and spirit.

evonne perfect

After dinner, Brad suggested we return to the hotel. I agreed that returning the hotel was a great idea. He opened the door to our suite where we found a cart that the hotel had left for us.  The service cart had a bottle of champagne, chocolates, fresh fruit, a beautiful flower arrangement and a few other items. Before long the champagne cork was removed and we shared some champagne. The day was as sweet as the champagne. We were surrounded by beauty and sat down to enjoy it. The suite was gorgeous with a stunning view of the ocean from the balcony. Brad turned on music. I love to dance. Our mutual appreciate of dancing would takeover soon as resisting the desire to move with the rhythm grew. Soon we were dancing in each other's arms. Caribbean music is great dancing music. In my opinion, this was one of the sexiest evenings we have ever spent together. 

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