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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Tale of Two Princes-Princes William &Harry

Prince Harry and Prince William have always been very accessible to the school friends they have made over the years. Each of them has grown their own inner circle of pals whom they all count on. This inner circle is privy to some very fun private freestyle events. These get togethers are both princes' opportunities to let their hair down and be themselves. Even though Prince William and Prince Harry have grown up in the public eye, they have kept themselves very human. The Queen allows the Princes to host certain private parties in Buckingham Palace or one of her other estates. When they were kids, they were allowed to explore any estate or palace freely which was unusual since certain protocol had been established for generations. Queen Elizabeth is a fantastic and especially loving Grandmother. She is known for showers her offspring with affection, but all this is the private side of her. Harry use to talk about all the fun they had with their Grandmother.
Prince William and Prince Harry

Both Princes loved to host pool parties. The Queen has a nice selection of floaties that she keeps around for the grandchildren and others. Prince Harry loves to use the huge panda. That was his favorite one.
Harry could often be found floating around surrounded by huge panda arms. Prince William liked to rest upon the very large rubber duckie style floatie. It was hysterical to see them both trying to flip each other over. Spontaneous games of water polo and volleyball sprang up almost every weekend. The staff kept quiet about the comings and goings in order to insure the privacy of the family and of those who were invited. It was a secret club that remains to this day. The sanctity of this inner circle of friends has been carefully guarded .The fun that inner group creates within Buckingham and other palaces is priceless.

Princess Eugenie was like the little sister to both Prince William and Prince Harry. They often invited her over when they hosted events. She is a great buddy and has a vivacious sense of humor that they both found fun to have around.

Queen Elizabeth's sense of humor has always been prevalent. Those who know her often share funny stories of the times they have been caught off guard by one of the Queen's well timed comments. As we all do, Prince William and Prince Harry like to share family memories and the funny times with their Grandmother are some of their favorite. When you consider that Queen Elizabeth and her entire family are highly intelligent and a sign of a high IQ is a great sense of humor then all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. She occasionally likes to enjoy a caffeinated sparkling beverage which tickles her nose. Its all tongue and cheek with a little wink in there for the fun of it.

bikini modelThey have always been a strong loving family. Every family has their ups and downs, but they are always family and that love binds them in humor, in dreams, in good times and in memories. I hope others wont be too hard on any of member of the family because the Windsors will always find each other.

Speaking of fun in the sun. I love the ocean and I love to envision myself back by the sea when I meditate. Here is a photo of me from last weekend. Enjoy the day and the warmth of the summer sun as it comes closer to us with each passing day.

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