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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Playing With Nicole Kidman

A few years back, Nicole Kidman and I went to a children's charity event. Nicole was the star at the event but one little girl named Penelope stole some of the spotlight. The little girl was so cute. She had cute curly blonde hair and a beautiful doll face. Penelope had a little wild side to her personality that was so adorably funny. She kept tasting the doughnuts, but not eating them. After she tasted a doughnut she would remove it from the tray so the party tray stayed looking pretty. The problem was she was sampling so many doughnuts that not only was her purse filling up with doughnuts but the other kids started to notice how many doughnuts she was tucking away. When Nicole Kidman saw little sweet Penelope putting the sweets in her purse, she started laughing. Being polite isn't always easy when your so young. Nicole admired the little girl's tenacity and the polite explanation Penelope gave for putting half eaten doughnuts in her

purse. Penelope's explanation for tucking the doughnuts away was that she wanted to make sure each doughnut was as good as the first one. Once she had taken enough samples then she could be sure they were all good and she wanted to see if they had any different flavors that she might have missed. It was all logical to Penelope or was it. I suppose we will never truly know. Penelope would not have lied but she did have a wild imagination and a gift for creative exploration that becomes ingenuity in adults. I dont know Penelope that well. I only know her character through Nicole and others who had observed on that day. She was a sweet kid with so much potential for fun.

Nicole and I went out to lunch after the event. We ate at a little bistro along the pathway towards our hotel. Nicole was wearing a red and white floral dress with open backed red high heels. I recall the dress so well since it is one my favorite dresses I have seen her wear. While looking out the window, we saw a handsome guy walk past on the street. He was wearing round glasses and he had a full mustache. He was tall and a snice slim build. We both looked at the man outside twice as he reminded us both of Tom Cruise in his favorite disguise. Lemonade with vodka was a top choice drink at the time. It still is since its a low calorie drink with lots of fun in it. Mojitos were popular at the time, neither of us wanted to drink that heavy so the nice light smaller in size lemonades were perfect. We kept discussing how much we liked the water. We both love to swim and being beachside is a part of both of us. As we saw the daylight turn to dusk, it became competely obvious that the hours were slipping past. We had lost track of time, but we knew it was time to going. Nicole and I agreed to get together again soon and we went our separate ways.

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