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Friday, September 7, 2018

Tom Cruise's Secret Sci Fi Movie

Tom Cruise's mind is always thinking about his next movie or movie concepts that he would like to explore. I have heard him talk about a film on a sci fi subject that involved an invasion of aliens who came down with the purpose to assimilation through a virus. It is not like the Body Snatchers movie in the infection is not the end result. The end is the final arrival of a new species. I do not recall the exact details since it has been revealed to me in parts but the concept and the way he portrays it sounds like a unique angle on this theme. We have reenacted some of the parts together as he tried certain realities out. It is easy to see that his mind is very focused when he gets caught up in the movie discussion. It excites him. Tom has been writing this film for a few years now and I am not aware of others outside of his circle knowing of any of the details. This film idea is a labor of love for him. Taking his time on his Sci Fi film as he works out the fine details of the story has been a source of pride for him. I like what I have seen of the movie. I know when he gets it to paper and then on to the big scree it will be a huge hit. I am revealing some of it with Tom's permission. Much of what he shared with me has only been shared between us.

Tom likes to act out certain roles. He is very good at the hero role since he is a naturally heroic and strong type of man. He is an old fashioned gentleman at heart with a playful adventurous side that comes out all the time. When I am with Tom, he gives me so much kindness and attention.
His ability to reach out and bring audiences in has always been an aspect of his personality. No matter how small the audience is, he still grabs you up in a good way because he has enthusiasm that is intoxicating and liberating. When Tom is on a creative roll, the details flow from him and it takes on a life of its own. It is surreal how he is able to convey a story and bring it to life. That is his acting skills kicking in. I am able to mention the film because I know he is going to start to bring the film forward. I am thrilled that he is so close to delivering the film's message and having the story he wants. His movie deal is close. I have no idea when it will be announced nor what the title is currently. Just like most talented artists, there is an aspect of him that is always living, dreaming and breathing his next creation. I have played out the heroine or his sidekick as Tom played the reporter investigating certain betrayals or odd behaviors on a mass scale that the lead role was observing. Who was real and who was infected became a test of the mind. It leaves the audience interpreting and that engagement is very exciting in a suspense film. Using some kind of laser gun was one part of the detection process. We both enjoyed playfully sparring as we acted out different roles. We both known non dangerous sparring equipment. The plastic swords, Nerf guns and other battle equipment sparring equipment is used by different guests in my home to act out certain scenes like by some of the theater students who takeover my basement and fill it with music and other fun. When he liked the way the scene came out, Tom would say write that down. I think he was joking with me when he would say write that down. Tom knows my handwriting, especially when I do it quickly, sometimes it leaves people including myself scratching their hands. The fact that I was taught a formal calligraphy writing style using pen and ink in school for penmanship. Not many people can say they were taught such formal writing and yet print in almost unrecognizable letters.
Tom's love for Katie Holmes is still a part of him . I would not be surprised if the two of them work together on a film at some point in the future. You just never can tell :) Good friendships are always important. Katie is one of the best friends any person can have. Katie future has always been in her own hands. She is one of the strongest women and that is part of her sexiness. I have always admired Katie for her beauty and compassionate heart. She is always amazing. Tom and I both agree on that.

On a side note,
Tom's advice on a rowing machine was a huge hit. I am enjoying the machine so much along with the rest of my family. Because I am rowing, I am not injuring my knees like the threat of constant running over years creates I recently read that constant runner Jenny McCarthy stopped running for reasons related to knees. An ounce of prevention is good. I do still run but not as often. It is good to vary your workout. Jon Bon Jovi told me his running days are not as long as they once were. Just like me it is hard to stop when the runner's bug is in you. Jon's wife recently had yellow stripes in her hair of temporary washout coloring. Let me say Dorothea looked great in them. They stripes matched Brad Pitt's bright yellow motorcycle gloves but that is another story :) Jon and Dorothea run a food pantry and a little known fact is my mother runs her local food pantry. Common goals to feed the poor is a shared value and a community interest that all would enjoy. I have helped in  my Mom's food pantry and enjoyed it very much.

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