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Thursday, April 18, 2019

An Evening out with Tom Cruise

Minatare golf is one of my favorite things to do. I have played it for as long as I can remember. I was not as good at it as some people but I always tried my best. I have played in several states all over the US. Some of my fondest memories of playing mini golf are the times I played with Tom Cruise. Tom has always been able to swing a golf club. He has excellent hand eye coordination. He is able to size up all the spinning obstacles and geometric angles involved with the twisty and tunneled holes. Each time I thought I had one up on him, I would drop below par giving Tom the easy win. My husband has a great engineering mind just like Tom. Having an engineering mind improves your miniature golf game. My husband can size up the angles and measurements in the blink of an eye in order to make several holes in one.

The first time we played, Tom Cruise wore khaki colored shorts with a navy blue shirt. He looks good in navy blue. He knows I like it when he wears black or navy blue. It brings out his eyes while flattering Tom's skin tone. There is an art to choosing colors to wear. I learned about it from my Grandmother. She was a buyer and fashion coordinator for Macy's department store, who as I might have mentioned, travelled to NYC to deal with the top designers in their fashion shoes. I recall my Mom mentioned she went to the fashion district with my Grandmother to meet with several designers. It was an exciting time for both of them. The skintone coloring matching technique she taught was to put an article of clothing near your face before you buy it. If it flatters your skin tone, then it is a winner. Tom Cruise seems to know this little trick since he always picks the right shades to flatter his features as he has for years in and out of the public eye.

Tom Cruise has a spontaneous sense of humor that catches you off guard. He is so much fun to be with at any time. That evening I recall Tom did his Tom Hank's running pose. It was really funny since he impromptu nailed the pose randomly. Tom Hank's running man pose is not an easy position to strike. Tom laughingly mention later that it was a workout since he was surprised at how hard it was to stand in that position. Tom can do anything he sets his mind to.
Adventures with Tom Cruise

Later that day, we went to a cocktail party a friend of his was hosting. People were mingling rather randomly. Each person at the party seemed to know the next. I was less familiar with who they were but some of them I did recognize from other events I had gone to with Tom. Being on Tom's arm means people always notice you. We held hands at the table were we sat. We both like to show affection. Holding hands is a romantic gesture that means we're together and enjoy us as a couple. The gesture also meant he was very relaxed within the group and he did not feel he had to wander around the room to greet each person. He knew everyone was happy and nothing he did would really change the friendships amongst all those present. With certain friends you know you can kick back and just be. those types of friendships are the closest ones we have in life.

We talked about a new film he was working on. Tom mentioned that we should work together on a film. He said he thought we would have a great time. Work on a film is tiring but liberating and its creativity is freedom. We both knew the chemistry between us would be amazing. Good chemistry between the actors and actresses makes movies memorable and bad chemistry makes films hard to watch.  I was not ready at the time to step into the limelight. We both have discussed working together on other occasions but that party was the first time we really came close to setting something up. Tom has a way of making every actress feel so desired that is why he is able to work well with many actresses. The evening was so pleasant and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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A clip of a video we filmed last weekend
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