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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Partying Kardashian Style

The Kardashians are famous for being a close family. Their friendship with so many people for all walks of life is common knowledge. On a regular basis, different members of the famous family open up their homes to host parties with their staff and others. Each holiday, Kim and her sisters Khloe, Kylie and Kendall like to get together to host one big event for their immediate circle of trusted friends. The reason it is not covered openly by the Paparazzi is their events blend in so that each person arrives on a time schedule with a specific group . It looks like a regular evening. The neighbors have no idea that a party is going on. Using different transportation means no cars pile up, but the ones that do can be tucked away.
Kim Kardashian

Kim selects the mood and is in charge of organizing the guests. It is easy to see how much the family respects Kim in everything they do. Kim is open to other cultures. She is one of the most intelligent people you could meet. I don't think she gets enough credit for her brains. Themed parties a very popular with Kendall and of course Kylie enjoys adding her own style. What Kylie wears to private parties is not what you would expect. She likes to surprise people. At the Kardashian party there were a lot of costume designer some of the set crew from different projects along with the families inner circle of friends(some of them unknowns). Kylie is selective with who she choices to spend time with. She is more impressed with quality and character than with name and prestige. They each have their unique ways. Kylie drinks with her fingers up. Khloe likes to take tiny nibble sized portions of desserts that in total wouldn't amount to a cupcake. She is very danty. Her sister Kim, has to have a drink in her hand when she politely mingles.

All of the Kardashians spend time with each guest so everyone feels so welcomed. They entertain as if it was an artform. The entire family is able to converse across age and gender gaps with ease.
Many of the costume designers appeared to have designed outfits for the party. There were so many good looking men and women at the party that it would have been easy to turn the festivities into a fashion shoot. Khloe has a Cleopatra style headdress she likes to wear if the occasion fits or by request since it is so pretty. Kris' favorite outfit is what she calls her "comfies". They were silky soft pink overalls with a sweater. Her favorite comfy, I am told, is a onesie outfit. Kylie likes to swing her purse from time to time for the fun and flirty impact it gets. I like to describe the little things they do. Describing the little things makes the family seem touchable and more like us. Even though the Kardashian's live amazing fantasy lives, they are warm and sensitive like we all are. They do have exceptional kindness for all that makes them explode into locations in a loving way.
I am not sure how they found out  I was in town. I use to come and go in LA on short term basis but frequently enough to get to know people.
Kris Jenner

Kim and Kourtney like to dance.They always getting the group dancing. Both are very good dancers. Little known fact, Kim and Kourtney can break dance in such a way that you'd think they were right out of a break dancing music video.

They had the cutest sea creature shaped appetizers. It had a cheesy filling with a flaky crust. The detail on the little pastry was eye catching while the taste was mouthwatering.

On a side note, I heard Daniel Tosh has been practicing his DJ moves just in case Don Diablo lets Tosh take the stage at one of Don's concerts.

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