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Friday, February 8, 2019

Playing With Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt likes board games as much as I do. He is a good Chess player and an excellent teacher. He gave me tips on playing when he realized I was not as good at it as he was at it. The game is one of his favorites.  Brad has a patient demeanor. I kept distracting him and taking off chess pieces to see if he would notice right away. When the game started, he would laugh and hold out his hand for me to place the item in it. I said some pretty outrageous things to get Brad to look away . At one point I said, "Pink elephant." while pointing behind him. He turned to look so I would get a chance to grab the next chess piece. I did not  always give it back that easy. I started placing it in his hand then I changed the game to where he had to find it on me. I tried to hide it behind my ear like a magician. It fell out since my ears are not big enough to support which may be a good thing. My ears may be pointed like an elf but they are not big enough to hide a Rook. I hid the Rook piece in the back of my dress. Brad knows how much I love hugs so he knew immediately where to look. He gave me a big hug and found the piece with a quick giggle from me. His fingers tickled a little. I was having so much fun. I am very ticklish. Soon after, he said the game was too close to call so it was a tie game then he challenged me to a rematch. There have been several rematches. It almost always ends up in a tie. If you run into Brad Pitt,give him a piece of a Chess set and watch him smile.
The always sexy Brad Pitt

Brad loves Chess.

He was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and his muscles showed through it in a flattering perfectly fitted way. Turtleneck sweaters can be one of the hottest articles of clothing that a man can wear. It all depends upon their build.

Brad has a way of looking into someone's eyes and reaching into them. My husband has the same sort of impact. It is their kindness that shines through and their open heart. Very loving men can do that warm hearted look of a compassionate spirit.
Brad Pitt's one of a kind sense of humor kept popping out throughout the game. He had told me that when he was a kid teachers would sometimes call him Bradley and he always had a witty response. He would reply, I am not Bradley, I am Batman." Being called Bradley was not a favorite of his and it still isn't but making the class laugh was the fun part.

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