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Friday, February 15, 2019

Brad Pitt's Funny Side

Brad Pitt and I were staying at an old hotel together. He was saying silly things to me to make me follow him. Brad kept leading me into the hotel with playfulness until we found our room. The room was a double suite. There were people in the other rooms around us but they seemed to be caught up n their own romance. The stately hotel was decorated in Victorian style. It was amazing. We walked the grounds together after dropping off our stuff in the suite. I recall the beautiful flowers in bloom.

Brad Pitt likes to dance with me. We danced a lot that weekend. Every time the music comes on, he looks at me to see what I am going to do. If the song is right, it doesn't matter where we are, he will take me in his arms and dance with me. If I want to get his attention, I simply but on the music and away we go.

Brad is one of the most romantic guys. He handles every detail in a thoughtful way. He knows exactly where my tickle spots are. Some of those giggly spots are not typical places. They are not sexual spots either but they are really funny when they are touched in a certain way. Tickling when it is gentle and not constant is fun. My husband knows how to tickle me like Brad does in such a way that it is gentle and pleasant. It always makes them crack up because it is such an unusual reaction for me to be tickled like I am . I have a giggle release button that is right at the surface so laughter is just a finger touch away.

Brad likes to follow along with my blogs and makes the nicest commentaries or reminisces with me on the finer details of the latest blog I have written. When I wrote last weeks blog about his game playing, he reminded me of how much he loves to play cards. He is good at playing cards like Black Jack and Poker. He knows when I am teasing him in my blogs, but that is a secret that he and I share. 

Back to the hotel. We always have enjoyable conversations about what life is. He has a lot of deep spiritual thoughts and that is part of what attracted us to each other not just our common playful instincts. One of the things we discussed was how often people forget how good things are at the time. An attitude of gratitude is a way of life in our opinions. Giving thanks in whatever form means a lot. It is a shared viewpoint. We played tennis that weekend at a nearby park. I did not win, but I kept the volley going. 

He makes some of the funniest faces of anyone I have ever met. At a moments notice and almost anywhere, he pops out a monkeys face that is hilariuos. During the first night of our stay, I was reading my menu and looked up at him to see that monkey face. He did it for the first time that weekend. Later while we were eating, once again he made that face, I almost spit out my water. Nobody saw him do it. It was so perfectly timed that only I got the joke. Being the only one to see the face made it funnier. His monkey face makes everyone smile. I don't do a monkey face like he does but I am well known for my variety of silly expressions at random times. These expressions are part of my humor. Jon Bon Jovi loves it when I crack a face. Brad is the one who gave me the name Giggle Puss. The name means happy faces to us both and to others who know me by that name. 

Nicole Kidman's feet 
Nicole Kidman's feet
Since everyone loved Nicole Kidman's feet, here is another random picture of the famous set of toes. I am posting it since the last time I posted Nic's feet, she cracked up. Everyone loves a good laugh. 

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Me having fun with the camera. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. I have more fun photos from this week as my husband made me laugh with his witty sense of humor. Zulie Perfect