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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Life as an Artist

An artist is always creating. It is a way of life and a source of joy. Whether I can creating for myself or for the public, the pleasure is still the same. In fact, many of my creations are unseen by people other than a select few. Many artists choose to release their works based upon their own timing, but the creative process never stops. Since most artists and actors are creative spirits they often have many talents. It is not uncommon for an actress to be a good singer and painter or an actor to be a great dancer and writer. Jon Bon Jovi is an example of a multi talented artist. He is a Rock legend, an highly respected actor, writer and a very gifted artist. His artwork is not out on public display as much as it should be. Jon is really gifted painter. Jon Bon Jovi's art is surreal. Nicole Kidman is undoubtedly an excellent actress, singer and dancer. Nicole Kidman is also an excellent artist and creates at in the Impressionistic style of art. My own art varies from Surreal to Realism and somewhere in between. Creativity is always manifesting itself and the need to express emotions, beauty or a thought combines with the desire to realize it.

I enjoy singing. I know I mentioned before that Jon and I had worked on some lyrics together on a musical project that we both jokingly feel has the potential to be far reaching. Jon Bon Jovi has mentioned to me that we could work together on a song if I wanted. This option is a possibility that we both might explore at some point in the future. David Spade is one of the most beloved and talented comedian, actor who is also an excellent singer. Jon Bon Jovi is impressed with David Spade's singing talent that he has been trying to get David to record a song with him for years. David Spade always says the only way he will record a song with Jo Bon Jovi is if he gets to shoot the music video with me. Jon Bon Jovi has always endorsed that idea and I certainly won't decline the role in a music video with Job Bon Jovi and David Spade. A musical collaboration between those two will eventually occur and the musical height of that song will surely amaze everyone. An upcoming album is not far away with at least one duet featuring David and Jon.

 Gwyneth Paltrow is another actress who is a very talented singer. Her creativity overflows into her lifestyle including the art of cooking and writing. Just like Nicole Kidman and much of Hollywood, we all including Matthew Morrison enjoy Yoga as a lifestyle practice. Yoga is an asset to all artists in any medium for it aligns the body, mind and spirit and leads to a harmonious life. Yoga teaches excellent breathing techniques that leads to a relaxed mind. For example, if you make a fist with your hand, you can feel the tension. Now imagine your body and its muscles throughout the day take on
energy as you move they tighten. Without stretching that tension accumulates in us. The tension, even if we don't feel tense, exists. It has to be removed peacefully. I feel the best way to release it is through Yoga. Allowing things to flow welcomes in creativity. As they say, "Flexible body leads to a flexible mind."

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