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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How I Met Nicole Kidman

I met Nicole Kidman through Max Beauvoir. Nicole was with Max when I happened to call. Max knew he would like each other since Nicole Kidman and I had so much in common. He described us both like Champagne. To him being like Champagne meant we were both were joyful people who liked expressing happiness. Max saw in both of us other common personality aspects and values that he thought would make us great friends.  Max Beauvoir was right for Nicole Kidman and I have been friends for several years now. I think she is one of the most amazing friends any person could ever have.Nicole Kidman is loyal and loving, funny and fantastic. Those are simple words to describe such an amazing person. If you ever get a chance to meet Nicole Kidman, you will notice how much she smiles. Her happy go lucky nature beams from within just like Champagne.
Nicole Kidman and I talked briefly over the phone. We set up plans to meet up for lunch. I liked going to Santa Monica back then and she knew some great places to eat there. I let Nicole Kidman pick the place to eat. The day we met to have lunch was a usual sunny picture perfect afternoon. I don't recall where we ate just that it was a café. I don't recall what I ate but I do recall I liked it. I remember everything that day flowed together so nicely. Nicole or Nic and I were so content. It was really nice to spend time enjoying each other's positive outlook and laughter.

After lunch , Nicole suggested we go for a walk along the beach. I love the beach very much. I grew up in NJ and our family would stay at a beach house in Sea Isle City. I spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore throughout my life.

Part of one of my Mermaid Sketches
As Nicole Kidman and I walked along the beach,We talked about the beauty of the ocean and how wonderful it would be to be a mermaid. Nicole Kidman knew that my interest in mermaids was strong as is hers. Max must have told her I created mermaid artwork or she may have seen some of my art on the labels in Hollywood. To be able to swim to any part of the world and embrace the beauty of the sea life was appealing to us both. We daydreamed a lot about what we would see as a mermaid, where we would go and the peaceful lifestyle a mermaid must have as she glides through the water. Being near the ocean is a very spiritual place. Since it was our first meeting, I discussed with her some of her movies I liked and she gave me insight into those films as well as how she developed the characters.
The respect Nicole Kidman and I have for each other has grown over the years. I am always happy to see her and her many playful disguises makes it even more exciting.

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