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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Tom Cruise's Winter Rendezvous

 The next day, Tom Cruise and I went to the lodge nearby.  We had a great time drinking at the bar. The hotel manager let us borrow a room for us to reunite in and for us to leave our luggage in. We had brought a few outfits with us to the lodge area in small carry on style bags. One for each of us in case we decided to stay. Each of us brought the bathing suits we needed to use the pool, our ski equipment(pants, gloves, boots etc) and a change of clothes. It was a lovely evening and the manage made sure we were left alone. Our table was discreetly hidden not that anyone would have bothered us since as I mentioned the Poconos is a great place for celebs. They can walk left alone and yet embrace their celebrity and enjoy fans when they want to. It is balancing act between private time and social time. We decided to enjoy a light supper after having spent the day exploring the pool. The pool was the best. Tom did his patented swan dive which sent the water flying. He enjoys making a big impact, literally in the pool.  Tom is a very light hearted person.  He makes me feel excited and peaceful since I never know what we will be doing but I always know it will be fun. Tom takes such good care of me as he anticipates our needs which makes the time. 

Tom Cruise

We enjoyed the indoor pool and the spa. The hotel had a pretty mural on the walls surrounding the pool. It had a Greek feeling to it. The hotel brought out a small tray of homemade, soft and chewy gingerbread men cookies. They were so cute and perfectly decorated. We had them by the pool as we sat back and relaxed enjoying the water appeal and the warmth of the pool room. There wasn't anyone else in the pool. We had the pool room and all its amenities to ourselves. It was ski season and I think most people were enjoying the slopes. Tom and I did get our turn enjoying the skiing, but that was later in the weekend. Tom and I were enjoying the relaxed pace. 

Will Smith, who is one of the funniest people, likes to mess with Tom by playing jokes on him. Tom and I were relaxing by the pool and Will was repeatedly calling him. He kept asking Tom simple yes or no questions. Each time the phone rang, we would smile. Will would be on the other end of the phone and he would ask some silly question. Tom would answer the question and Will would dismiss himself after getting the answer by say goodbye. Then the phone would ring, Will would say he forgot to get Tom's opinion on his or that. Will kept at it for 20 minutes of on and off short phone calls.  It was really funny. Will Smith is great and keeping the game going. It is part of his natural comedic timing. He doesn't crack up easily, we, on the other hand, did not do as well. The set up was hilariuos. Finally the phone got quiet and the joke was over. Tom and I looked at each other expecting the phone to start, but it stayed silent for the rest of the trip. 

evonne perfect

After awhile, we got back in the pool. Tom and I took turns being "It" in a game of tag. We both love to swim, as I have mentioned before. Up and down the pool we went, as we escaped each other's outstretched arms. The shallow end was a little tricky, just as it is in any pool tag. It was so much fun that we lost track of the time. Another couple game in, just before we called the game over. We politely exchanged our pleasantries. Before long, we were both ready to go upstairs. It was pretty close to dinner.

Dinner was delivered up into the room. We went on to stay the night. The suite, just like the company, was just so comfortable. 

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