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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Winter Evening with Tom Cruise

 Tom Cruise and I decided to meet up in a private lodge in Poconos. It was a sunny day when we arrived. He arrived from California and I met him at the airport. We took the limo back to the hotel/rental home. It was a Four Season's style place where each person has their own unit and private access. David Spade and I had stayed there at a different point in my life. I like the area and skiing in the Poconos is a lot of fun. It is not as touristy as Aspen. It is somewhere in between a private small town and a Hollywood playground. Don't get me wrong plenty of celebrities come and go from the Poconos, it is just not as televised and less paparazzi frequent it. The way the Poconos is set up is perfect for many. I think Tom has hurt his leg since he had a slight limp. It was very subtle and he never complains. I dont know what film he was shooting at the time. With Tom, every film is action packed. He is like me, he likes to challenge his body and win. 

I had brought a soft powder pink ski suit with matching gloves and a hat. Tom always goes with dark blue ski suit and sure enough this time was the same. I think dark blue flatters his eyes. We went back to the lodge and unpacked. He always has a bottle champagne with him. When I came downstairs, I saw Tom had a fire going in the fireplace. He had changed in a beige sweater and some jeans. He looked really good. We sat in front of the fire and shared a glass of champagne. When he is in a romantic mood. Tom likes to feed me. He fed me parts of an oatmeal cookie as we sat by the fire. It was a soft homemade cookie that was not too sweet. I like the taste of oatmeal and I dont find it needs sweetening. Tom whispered in my ear that he thought I looked sexy by the firelight. I smiled. The whispering kind of tickled in a sexy way. My ears are very sensitive to touch. We kissed. It was nice to see him and the feeling was mutual. We watched the fire as we spoke of daydreams. places we would like to together and dreams of  things we would like to do. Then he said, "There is a hot tub in the sunroom. Should we see how it works? " I smiled and told him, "I'd love to see how it works. " 

Went upstairs, got our swimsuits on and met up downstairs on the first floor. We both had on matching warm white robes that were provided by the resort. On our way, we grabbed the rest of the bottle of champagne and heading onto our mission to explore the hot tub. It was a lovely evening and the sky was a little cloudy but the mountains glowed amongst the forest green and the dark night sky. The feeling was intoxicating and not just because of the champagne, the company, the laughter, the moonlight and the entire atmosphere was magical. We had enjoyed several hot tubs before but this one was my favorite. I like to see Tom every chance I get. We always have the best time. The Poconos has so much beauty scenes like this one and others like it make the Poconos special. The hot tub was so enjoyable as we slowly drank the champagne. We cuddled up in the tub as we watched the sky. Each of us reflecting on the natural beauty that surrounded our hideaway. Soaking in the moment was exactly what we were doing quite literally. Once Tom and I had finished relaxing, we got out of the tub. Up the stairs we went to change into something comfortable. 

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