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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Spending Time with Rod Stewart and His Family

I was staying with Rod Stewart and his family at a guest house. Rod's son Sean was competing in a celebrity tennis contest. Sean was in the doubles division. He was paired up with another celebrity daughter, but I can't recall her name. She wasn't a regular at the Stewart household so I think they might have been paired up by lottery. Liam had a nice repour with her and I think they knew each other. Liam has a happy go lucky nature that comes with growing up as part of Hollywood's Princes, but he is always aware of how lucky he is to be who he is. Liam is modest and approachable like all the Stewart children.
rod stewart and penny lancaster

Liam's team won the first match. Before the second round began, we ran into Nicole Kidman. She was there supporting a few of her friends. It was a charity event but I don't recall the cause just how much fun I had. Nic was drinking a wonderful loaded lemonade. She is an expert on drinks and many other subjects. Her incredible memory is an asset to acting and it makes her one incredible trivia game player. The Stewarts knew Nicole would be there. After we shared a few laughs, the group went different ways. Nicole went back to her group and we decided to go back to the house. I am always up for a swim and a drink poolside. Rod and Penny always have the best atmosphere  with exquisite design. We got home and all put our swimsuits on. The had a gorgeous pitch of Sangrias sitting on the main poolside table. Rod decided not to go in the pool and Penny kept him company.  After a quick swim, lunch was brought out. The meal was a wonderful avocado and mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes and goat cheese topped with a yummy salad dressing. We all ate our fill and I dried off.

Rod Stewart is an excellent pool player and Penny is very good at pool as well. After lunch we decided to play pool. They led me to a beautiful formal yellow room that contained a white ornate pool table.  I am not the best at the game, but I do enjoy it. Rod, on the other hand, is able to masterfully handle the pool cue.
pool cue
By far, Rod is one of the best pool players I have ever been lucky enough to enjoy a game.  As he plays, he adjusts to conform to the table in order to make so many difficult shots and his hand is always steady. Every time I watch him play, it is always like watching a professional pool player. On this occasion, he was particularly in his element. We both were amazed at the game as it played out. I was more awed with the level of skill I was observing than Penny.  Penny is very good at pool as well whereas I was simply a player amongst talented pool pros. It was a great afternoon that led into a great evening of gaming. Penny is one of the sweetest ladies and Rod knows she is a doll. They are so cute together. I have enjoyed every evening that I have spent with them. 

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